Wednesday, 23 February 2011

LeSportSac Mooks

The LeSportSac 2011 Spring & Summer mooks will be released on 10 March in Japan. Each mook comes with a foldable bag. There are three designs, Stardust (black), Berry Blossom and First Mate. Each mook will retail at 1300yen. The bags measure 32×41.5×12.5cm

You can see more pics of the bags and the mooks on this blog and this Japanese blog


D. said...

Hey Haru!

I check this Japanese blog religiously too! ^.^

cewek said...

I'm not feeling this mook at all. I've loved the last two mooks that LeSportSac had released and have used the two clutches over and over again, but this year's gift is a bit of a cop out to me.

. : * justine * : . said...

I'm definitely buying at least one! Probably the starry one since white tends to stain (I love and adore reusable shopping bags)

kuri said...

So cute! I want the black one and the light one, but the light one will probably get dirty easily :P
Thanks for the links to the blogs.I've been checking きららonly, so these are new to me.

kuri said...

i'm an idiot... I'd forgotten about the kinokuniya blog, but thanks to you I've already been reading kikirara.