Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Paul & Joe Summer 2011

Paul & Joe will release its summer collection in two parts in Japan. The makeup collection will debut on 1 May and it includes:

1. Eye Gloss Duo: 5 duos of a sparkling colour paired with a glossy colour (3465yen)

2. Eye Gloss Duo B: 3 limited edition eye gloss duos (3465yen)

3. Lip Gloss B: 3 limited edition shades (2625yen)

4. Eye Color B: 3 limited edition marble-swirl shades (2625yen)

5. Bronzer B: Longlasting bronzer and face color powder. Includes case and brush (5250yen)

On 3 June, the bodycare and nail collection includes:

1. Body Lotion B: Moisturising body lotion with a refreshing green scent with notes of citrus, musk, rose and muget. There was a similar shimmering body lotion in last year's Sahara summer collection. (4200yen, 200ml)

2. Nail Enamel N: 5 new shades (1680yen)

3. Blotting Paper 2011 (420yen)

4. Emery Board 2011 (525yen)

You can see more photos on Paul & Joe Facebook page.

The June issue of Steady magazine will include a large Paul & Joe Sister "quilting pouch" that can fit the Body Lotion. See the pics on this blog. The magazine will be released on 7 May in Japan.


makeupmag said...

I like the whales! SO CUTE. :D

Aleya Bamdad said...

I love the packaging. The marble swirl is so pretty!

Lynn said...

I agree! I would get the blotting paper, just for the whales alone! I'll probably pick up an eyeshadow or two and the bronzer looks good too!

Anonymous said...

My favourite Paul and Joe collection got to be last year's ' 'cat' lippie collection. Those eye shadows were amazing. Has been looking forward to the spring collection but was so blah. Hope this summer one will not disappoint.

Pink Sith said...

Oooh. that eyeshadow looks loverly! I'm not usually a fan of blue eye shadow but this one looks so pretty I might have to make an exception!