Saturday, 7 April 2007

Paul and Joe Lipgloss N & Lipstick N

The P&J website has been updated with the Secret Beach summer collection! On 1 May, the lipglosses will also be replaced with the new Lipgloss N in 10 shades (2625yen). They are also adding 6 new pencil lipliners (1575yen). I tried out three of the Lipgloss N today at the counter, including #1 and #7 and I was a bit disappointed as they were very sheer without much colour payoff. These look nice in the tube but sadly on the lips, they're not that unique. They have a nice micro shimmer though, without glitter but I prefer the shade selection and texture of the original range. And the new Beauty Mirror is huge! As in bigger than palm size.

I also tried out the new Lipstick N (3150yen). I actually swatched all 25 shades on the back of my hand just to compare them and I was surprised by the number of seriously strange and unflattering shades, like bright orange and dull browns and beiges. I didn't try them on my lips so maybe they look much better on lips than in the tube. I adore my old formula P&J Lipsticks in #22, #26 and #30 which were very elegant, fail-safe, classic shades with a gorgeous creamy finish that is never drying. The new Lipstick N are more sheer and glossy. That kind of spoils for me the old-world glamour image of P&J. I guess glossy lipsticks that feel sheer and lightweight are more popular these days but P&J already had a really great lipstick that they should have kept as part of the permanent range. Such a pity... So for those of you who love P&J's current lipsticks, my advice is stock up before they're gone.


melissa said...

hello there. i just stumbled across your weblog. :) i was going to try the shades of paul & joe lipglosses & lipsticks and buy a few myself, but got discouraged after reading this post, lol. i was wondering how sheer these lipsticks n are. like, how do they compare to other japanese brands' lipsticks like kanebo lunasol intellectual lips full glamour and shu uemura rouge unlimited? i thought full glamour and rouge unlimited was too sheer. don't tell me these are even more sheer than those 2. i hate taking more than 3 swipes just to get the color show up nicely on my lips :p thanks in advance!

Haru said...


If you don't like sheer lipsticks, then I doubt you'd be happy with the Paul & Joe lipsticks as they do tend to be on the sheer side. There are some creamier shades that are more pigmented but I don't know the numbers. Occasionally, the seasonal limited edition lipsticks are more pigmented and creamy instead of sheer and glossy. Their lipglosses are also mostly sheer.

melissa said...

i see. i think i'll try the shades at the counter and see for myself, just to satisfy my curiosity :p thanks for all the info, haru :D