Friday, 15 June 2007

Maquillage Fall Collection

The theme for Maquillage's fall 2007 collection is "Handsome Beauty". The collection includes:

1. Neo Climax Lip (lipgloss in twist-click packaging), 8 shades, 2625yen
OR331 - fresh apricot orange
BE352 - mod nude beige
RD753 - natural mellow red
RD354 - flower red
RS755 - cool chic rose
PK356 - blush pink
RD457 - jewel red
RD658 - dark brick red

2. Sheer Climax Rouge (lipstick), 6 new shades, 3150yen
BE344 - satin beige with gold shimmer
BR345 - chic red-toned brown
RD246 - pure chiffon pink
RD347 - elegant berry red
RS748 - sweet, cool moderate rose
RS549 - mysterious deep red

3. Colour On Climax Rouge (lipstick), 6 new shades, 3150yen
BE394 - tender beige
PK795 - natural soft pink
RD796 - mature luxurious red
RS397 - elegant blush rose
RD398 - feminine silk red
PK399 - fresh tango pink

4. Sparkle Contrast Eyes II (eyeshadow palette), 4 shades, 3675yen.
GY851, BR752, RS753, BL754. Each palette contains a "nuance powder (top left), a shadow powder (top right), a cream liner (bottom left) and a cream base (bottom left).

5. Brow & Shadow Compact, 2 shades, 3150yen
#10 Dark Brown, #20 Natural Brown

6. Eye Color (single eyeshadow), 4 new shades, 1050yen (

BE781 - metallic smoky beige, PK782 - metallic smoky pink, RD783 - metallic smoky red, BL784 - metallic smoky blue)

7. Nail Color, 4 new shades, 945yen (

SV821, RS722, BE723, BR624)

Maquillage will also be revamping their base makeup line on 21 August with the release of the new Climax Moisture Compact Foundation (SPF15, PA+). The new foundation is formulated with three types of powder to conceal pores and add a glowy, healthy effect. It also has hyaluronic acid for a moisturising effect. The foundation will be available in 8 shades. There will also be a new Pressed Powder and a Concealer Liquid (SPF10, PA+) in 2 shades, Light and Natural. There will also be a new shade of the Pre-Makeup Skin Brightener in Natural Yellow for concealing redness.

The advertising campaign will feature a new model, An, in addition to the current spokesmodels, actress Shinohara Ryoko and model Ebihara Yuri.

These pics of the collection pamphlet were posted on 2Channel. The "Feminine Handsome" looks:

"Cool Handsome"

Some close-up pics of the new products can be seen in the official press release (only in Japanese).

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lingling said...

guess what, the summer collection for shiseido just launched in singapore, that is at least 2 mths after japan rite? i read abt yr review on the summer e/s palette yons ago......