Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Lavshuca Summer Collection

The Lavshuca summer collection website is up! This has to be one of the most exciting collections that Lavshuca has released to date. The new limited edition Summer Gradually Compact comes in 2 variations, #1 Shiny Sand Beach (gold x brown) and #2 Windy Aqua Beach (silver x blue), each featuring six metallic shades that are perfect for creating either a warm or cool beach-inspired look. The slim metal palettes look very similar to the 6-shade palettes that Stila has released in the past.

The left side of the palette features three "shiny colours" for creating a sparkly effect, namely (from extreme left) an intense shimmer shade, a "nuance change color" with delicate pearl shimmer and a "bright highlight colour". The right side of the palette features three "medium deep colours", namely (from left to right) a base colour to be used all over the eyelid, a dark color for lining and a matte "shading color".

Lavshuca will also be introducing two new shades of its Rouge Essence Bar lipstick in PK4 and BE3. The collection will be launched on 1 May in Japan.


blue_lilac86 said...

I've seen a blog report on this summer collection, apparently some drugstore in Japan tried to get a headstart ^.^

To my immense disappointment, that case that looked sooo cute...is actually made of cardboard!!! Quite reminiscent of their Christmas collection last year actually, and this retails for about 1890yen! For a cardboard case! ...I give up :<

Karelessly in Love said...

Really? Cardboard??? Doesn't look like it. Especially looking at the catch.

blue_lilac86 said...

Oops...sorry about that cardboard statement!

I revisited the blog today, and the author stated that she mistook the case for cardboard, it's actually a very thin metallic case, quite like one of those namecard holders?

This is bad news for my wallet really...:<

Haru said...

Hey, no problem! I'm glad to hear that the palette cases are metal. The Lavshuca website just described them as 'metallic' but I wasn't sure if it meant that they were cardboard coated to look metallic or actually made of metal.

idontlikecandy said...

wow the palette on the right with golden tones is super cute

Anonymous said...


do u have any other blogs add that have swatches or more comments on this palette?

tried searching but none came out.


fleckenschnitte said...

The 2 palettes are indeed fantastic! I love both to bits! =D