Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Aube Summer '08

The Aube's Summer '08 collection website has been updated with the full collection.

1. Coil Comb Mascara (2940yen): Waterproof mascara in 2 shades. The brush head has three different features, a coil brush for coating the lashes from root to the tips, a comb brush for separating the lashes and a tiny brush at the tip for those hard-to-reach tiny lashes at the corners of the eyes and the lower eyelid.

2. Dual Color Eyeliner (2100yen): limited edition in 6 shades. Each features a darker shade with black pearl shimmer for lining the upper eyelid and a lighter, "shiny color" shade for lining the lower eyelid.

3. Gel & Shine Eyes (2625yen): limited edition gel eyeshadow and loose powder eyeshadow in 6 shades, which run the usual range of light metallic pastels that Japanese brands are so fond of doing.

4. Rouge Pure Stay (3150yen): 10 new shades OR721 Clear Orange, PK722 Clear Cherry, PK723 Stardust Pink, PK724 Crystal Pink, BE725 Sheer Beige, RS726 Rose Mauve, RS727 Jewel Rose, RS728 Red Rose, RD729 Melty Red and RD730 Beige Red.

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