Saturday, 6 July 2013

Jill Stuart Fall 2013

Here are pics of the Jill Stuart fall makeup collection, Cherubic Fresh, to be released on 2 August. The ad visual can be viewed here while real-life pics are on Chiaki Niimi and Naoto Kimura.

Mix Blush Compact N 06 Porcelain Flower (4725yen)

Layer Blush Compact 06 Old Rose (4725yen)

Velvet Crystal Eyes 06 Ophelia's Daisy (innocent vintage gold) (5250yen, LE)

Velvet Crystal Eyes 07 Sweet Victorian (5250yen, LE)

Jelly Lip Gloss N in 11 shades with a crystal floral bouquet scent (2310yen)

Nail Lacquer R 26 Embroidery Lace (1575yen)

Nail Lacquer R 27 Elegant Equestrian (1575yen, LE)


Anonymous said...

amazing and almost magical like as always for jill stuart packaging but at the same time i feel that they could use a revamp on the packaging for the blush and eyeshadows.

Anglea Liu said...

Sweet victorian n the blushesss