Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Fresh Cushion

Maybelline is the next Western brand to hop on the cushion foundation bandwagon with its upcoming Pure Mineral BB Fresh Cushion SPF29 PA+++. Composed of 60% skin lotion, it is supposed to provide light coverage and make the skin feel like it has been freshly prepped with skincare. This will be available in only 1 shade (01 Natural Beige) at its launch on 31 October in Japan, with a second shade (02 Medium Beige) to be introduced in December. It will retail for 2400yen, with refills available at 1500yen.


Unknown said...

Interesting, why only in japan, don't they want to make it international available? Curious how the quality compares to korean cushions


Haru said...

hi Maya,

Honestly for that price, I'd rather spend my money on Korean cushion foundations made in Korea, instead of the Maybelline or L'Oreal ones which are made in China. Maybelline markets a different product range for Asian countries versus what it sells in the US and Europe, although there are some overlaps, to cater to the different climate and skin needs. I wouldn't be surprised if they introduce this cushion in the US later on.

Unknown said...

fyi this maybelline bb cushion is made from korea