Saturday, 13 August 2016

Lunasol Party Coffret and Holiday 2016 Collection

Here are the details of the Lunasol Party Coffret 2016 (6500yen) launching on 4 November in Japan:

1. Party Eyes EX01 Gold Nuance Brown

2. Face & Blush Color EX01 Ivory Pink

3. Lip Color Balm EX01 Shiny Sheer Pink

4. Shiny Pencil Eyeliner EX04 Soft Gold Brown (1.1g)

The Holiday 2016 collection will be launched on 11 November:

1. Gold Nuance Eyes EX01 Grayish Brown, EX02 Ivory Rose and EX03 Pink Rose (4000yen)

2. Coloring Lip Compact EX01 Coral Red and EX02 Pink Rose (3800yen): 3 lip shades in each compact

3. Coloring Creamy Cheeks EX02 Natural Beige (3500yen)

4. Shiny Nuance Liner EX01 Grayish Brown and EX02 Brownish Mauve (3000yen, 2 LE shades)

5. Nail Finish N EX52 Gold Nuance Brown and EX53 Gold Nuance Red (1500yen)

6. Sheer Light Gloss EX02 Warm Pink Beige and EX03 Nuance Red(2500yen)

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