Sunday, 12 March 2017

Shu Uemura Summer 2017 Ambush Collaboration

Shu Uemura is teaming up with cult jewellery brand Ambush for this upcoming Stay Gold collection launching on 26 April in Japan and in May in the USA. Pics below from Fashion Snap.

It includes:

1. Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine (3200yen, 2 shades)
2. Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte (3200yen, 2 shades)
3. Case Amb Squad
4. Pressed Eyeshadow (2000yen, 4 LE shades)
5. Eyebrow Manicure (3000yen, 2 LE shades in silver and gold)
6. Eye Foil (3000yen, 10 shades of which 1 is LE)
7. Moisturising Lip Balm
8. Base & Top Glow Boosting Cream

Pic below by Numero.

Pics below by Voce.

This stunning blockbuster acrylic set with 100 eyeshadows is an ultra exclusive piece that will be available only at the new Shu Uemura boutique opening at Ginza Six on 20 April. With only 10 units available, this will retail for a whopping 200,000yen.


Christina said...

Whoo! That mega eyeshadow palette is one stunner! It's too expensive for me, but if they ever released just the colorful palette, I'd be all for it!

Haru said...

Hi Christina,
the Shu eyeshadow refills retail for 2000yen each, so basically you are only getting the acrylic case free. I wish they would just sell similar cases separately as few can afford to drop that kind of money on 100 eyeshadows!

Anonymous said...

They have returned to a classy collection. It's about time!

Christina said...

Haru, I agree with you! Unless I was a pro, I would never buy a 100 color palette, and even if I was, I'm not sure I would, as it's much more fun to mix and match brands. I do wish that Shu offered better values for their palettes--their last two Shu: Palettes were nice, but it'd be nice to see more interesting color options and varieties.

I heard that Shu will be making a come back to America soon, and I'm interested to see what's going to be different this time around. I suspect Nordstrom wasn't far reaching enough and they never really marketed themselves, but since they're available at Sephora in Canada, my guess is that's where they'll be carried in America as well. Other than that, I can only think of possibly Ulta or Beautylish, with Beautylish being more likely, as they carry the "niche" brands.