Friday, 2 June 2017

Lunasol Fall 2017

Lunasol's Fall 2017 collection, 木洩れ日浄化 (komorebi jouka) will be released on 11 August in Japan. 'Komorebi' is a uniquely Japanese expression for the sunlight filtering through tree leaves. The collection features warm earth tones with the typical Lunasol glimmery shimmer. It includes:

1. Shine Fall Eyes: 4 variations of which one is limited edition and exclusive to Isetan Shinjuku and Umeda Hankyu. (5000yen)

2. Shine Fall Light Eyes: Eyeshadow duo in 3 variations (4000yen, LE)

3. Full Glamour Lips: 6 shades (3000yen)

4. Styling Eyebrow Pencil: Flat and round versions, each available in 2 shades (3500yen)

5. Styling Eyezone Compact (4200yen)

6. Styling Eyebrow Mascara: 2 shades (2800yen)

7. Nail Finish: 6 shades (1500yen)

8. Coloring Cheeks #8 (5000yen)

9. Warm Color Balm: lip primer (2000yen)

Pics below by Voce. The brown quad on the bottom right is the Isetan/Umeda exclusive.

Pics below by Biteki.

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Ashley Tan said...

Nice! Will try to get from Osaka this fall