Friday, 18 May 2007

Jill Stuart swatches

I went by the JS counter today to reserve the Brilliance Eyes #5 palette. It is quite pretty in real life but I was disappointed that the blue shade is virtually identical to the blue shade (second from left) in the #2 Crystal Jade palette. They look identical in the pan. When I swatched them side by side, I could only detect just a slightly more blue tinge to the blue shade from the #5 palette. Now, surely it couldn't have been that difficult just to mix up a new shade, right? The mauvey pink shade is different from the pink shades in the other existing palettes while the black shade is a true smokey black without the midnight blue tinge of the black shade in #2 Crystal Aqua. In the photos of the swatches, the first column of swatches of the Brilliance Eyes #5 palette is done using Eye Jelly #18 as the base.

The new Lip Lustres were nothing unusual and looked like they would apply mostly sheer with just a tinge of colour. Eye Jelly #19 Amethyst Mauve is a stunning silvery taupe, like a slightly lighter version of Shu Uemura ME945. Aside from the Brilliance Eyes #5, this is the other must-have from this collection. I have no idea why it's called Mauve as I can't see any mauve or purple tones in it. Eye Jelly #18 Ice Blonde is an icy metallic white shade. The nailpolishes are a total disappointment. #36 Sweet Pink and #37 Peach Cream apply so sheer that I couldn't see any colour at all. These are useful for a basic French manicure but seriously, why would I want to pay 1575yen for a sheer nailpolish that applies without any colour? #38 Ivory Frost, #39 Ruby Spark and #40 Gold Glaze are chockful of chunky glitter bits.

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karen said...

Hmm, I like the #19 Eye Jelly but it does look a lot like last year's LE one, no?