Monday, 30 July 2007

Jill Stuart Mix Compact Blush

Very accurate close-up pics of the Jill Stuart Mix Compact Blushes! The shades are #1 Baby Blush, #2 Rose Bloom, #3 Coral Glow and #4 Hot Cherry.

This is the limited edition #5 Pastel Peach.

In September, Jill Stuart will also be releasing a new Moist Silk Liquid Foundation in 5 shades, a new shade of Control Color and a new shade of the Loose Powder.


fleckenschnitte said...

It's so hard to resist those lovely blushes after seeing those pics. But your review below helps me staying strong LOL

mag said...

I totally agree with Flecks. The rose and cherry ones look lovely and not as flat as the earlier batch of pics. Aaah...the casing is GORGEOUS!

A-Mused said...

god they are so pretty! So disappointed they are sheer!


flecks I'm with ya! Trying to stay strong!

Lemming is on me hard!

j0s1e267 (michelle) said...

oh wow! these are just so pretty!!! they are hard to resist so I caved *hide*

Anonymous said...

oh my...i'm a total sucker for pretty packaging. If I didn't read about your review and know how sheer it is, it would've still be on my CP list, especially the rose one. Still trying hard not to cave in. =) I'm excited to get everything else though. -lunaxstar

tinkerbelly said...

i don't want to have any regrets so i ordered 04.

can't resist the pretty packaging :P

runechan said...

Thanks for your review, otherwise they would be in my list as well ;)