Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Biteki, Voce & Maquia

The September issues of Biteki, Voce and Maquia go on sale today in Japan.

Biteki comes with a detachable catalogue "All Star Colors 1007" featuring the autumn collections from 54 brands.

Maquia features British model Agyness Deyn on the cover. It also comes with a separate fall makeup catalogue featuring 62 brands and an article featuring 10 Japanese celebrities wearing the latest fall makeup.

Voce features actress (and Maquillage spokesmodel) Ito Misaki on the cover. The two themes of this issue are "Passionate Summer Skincare" and "Moving New Makeup". It also comes with a fall makeup catalogue featuring 62 brands and 1028 colours, a Maquillage supplement, a Guerlain supplement that includes a sample of Guerlain's new mascara. Looks like Voce is the magazine to get for this month!


Mizz x said...

Oh, I didnt realize they feature Autumn collections already! I was thinking about ordering Biteki for a couple months only, since it's quite expensive when shipped abroad. Oh that Chanel feature looks so great, I wish magazines in US/Europe would feature collections like that.. wow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru

could you try out the new givenchy mascara and give your opinions? been reading that its a really good mascara!


Haru said...

Hi nutty,

I don't think the Givenchy mascara is available in Singapore yet so it might be better for you to check reviews on Makeupalley? I've already read two very good reviews of it and it seems like a winner!

Anonymous said...

hi haru,

oops! my mistake!

i read your blog about the sample mascara given as givenchy instead of guerlain mascara!


jac said...

hihi do u know if there is chinese version of the magazine? wow u can read japanese

Haru said...

I think there is only a Chinese version of Biteki that was launched in Taiwan recently, but I haven't heard of any Chinese versions of Voce or Maquia yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,
I was wondering by any chance did Voce list the makeup the model on the cover is wearing? I am looking for a lipstick shade she is wearing! thanks so much :)

Haru said...

Hey Michelle,

I looked through my copy of Voce but unfortunately there is no listing of the makeup products used on the cover model.

Michelle said...

thanks so much for your help Haru! Looks like I have to trial and error :)


jac said...

yea in taiwan..Any idea whether SGP Kino is carrying?? tk

Haru said...

The Kinokuniya in Singapore only sells the Japanese versions of Biteki, Maquia and Voce. The Chinese version of Biteki is not available here. And I don't think there are any Chinese versions of Maquia and Voce.

Haru said...

Kinokunia in Singapore does not carry the Chinese version of Biteki, AFAIK. And I don't think there are any Chinese versions of Voce/Maquia.