Saturday, 14 March 2009

Guerlain Pearly White Meteorites

I've never purchased anything from Guerlain before but decided to finally take the plunge with the new Pearly White Meteorites (S$87) and Meteorites Butterfly Pearls (S$97). I've been mulling over the Butterfly Pearls since they came out before Christmas as part of the Midnight Butterfly collection. According to the SA at the Tangs Orchard counter, there were only three Butterfly Pearls left so I bit the bullet and bought it.

The Pearly White Meteorites gave a nice slightly pinkish white glow to my skin. It contains powder balls in pastel white, pastel mauve, pastel pink, pastel green and pastel gold. The 5 shades each have a different function: pastel white for brightening, pastel mauve for addressing dullness, pastel pink for lively color, pastel green for reducing redness in skin and pastel gold for a golden glow.

The Butterfly Pearls were super pricey but you get 60g of pearls for just $10 more than the Pearly White Meteorites which are only 33g.

I was also incredibly tempted to pick up the Parure Pearly White Brightening Highlighter (S$83, 16ml) which is a liquid highlighting cream that comes in a fat metal tube with a brush applicator. It is about twice the diameter of YSL Touche Eclat with the brush about the same size as those in YSL's Radiant Brush Foundation. The White Brightening Highlighter gives a gorgeous microfine glistening shimmer. But I decided against it as the last thing my oily skin needs is more shine. But it is limited edition, which ups the appeal factor to a makeup junkie.

As my purchase was over S$180, I also received the 7-piece GWP which includes: Secret de Purete Cleansing Milk 50ml, Super Aqua Mask, Super Aqua Serum 10ml, Super Aqua Lotion 50ml, L'Or Makeup Base 5ml, Orchidee Imperiale Cream 3ml and a lipstick sample card with KissKiss Exces de Rouge 523, KissKiss Maxi Shine Rose Tentation 865, KissKiss Gloss Cherry Shine 621 and KissKiss Stick Gloss Vanilla Beige 940.


Anonymous said...

That's very pretty! Muacks!

Jamilla Camel said...

Droooolicious!! I wished we got GWP at Guerlain in the UK!!

Coach_lover said...

Yo Haru!

Exciting posts again. Haru, where do you get your haul from? Isetan..or taka?

please inform, love to know and buy after you :)

Hippo said...

Hi Rouge Deluxe

Comparing Guerlain Pearly White Meteorites series to your Paul and Joe bambi colored balls, which one do you prefer? both range looks very much the same

thanks thanks

Haru said...

Hi Coach_lover,

I got my haul from the Guerlain counter at Tangs so that I can enjoy the rebate with my Citibank Tangs credit card.

Dear Hippo,
The Guerlain Meteorites are meant to be applied all over the face as a finishing powder whereas the Paul & Joe Bambi balls are used as a blusher as they have a stronger pink tint. The Meteorites help to add a subtle glow and give a dreamy finish to the foundation. I think both the Guerlain and P&J products are good for what they are meant to do.

Kelly said...

hi Haru,
do you know besides Taka and Tangs, where else can we find Guerlain counters?
I am thinking to get the Butterfly pearls too. It's actually quite ok-priced as we get almost double the products? Which of these pearls do u prefer?

Hippo said...

Hi Haru

Thanks for your distinct explanation. you sure sums it up well!

I am also looking for a Guerlain Meteorites for a glowy, bright finishing look. sure i know what to do next :)

for P/J, oh so that's for blusher. looks very cute. P/J is also famous for their primer, often raved by the makeup artists.

Haru said...

Dear Kelly,
I like both the Butterfly Pearls and Pearly White Meteorites. Pearly White gives more of a whitening effect but the difference, once applied, between the two is really very subtle and not very visible. So I would say get the Butterfly Pearls as they are more value for money but if they are already out of stock, the Pearly White ones are good too.

I'm not aware of any other Guerlain counters aside from the ones in Taka and Tangs.

marie antoinette said...

hi haru,
i've been debating for a while about getting the pearly white meteorites but i'm worried that it may be too white for my skin? i have medium skin tone.

Haru said...

The pearly white meteorites do leave a dreamy light white cast on the skin, so it works best for light and fair skintones. If you are worried that it's too pale for you, then perhaps you can try the more beige toned meteorites? Or if you have access to a counter, it's always best to try them out in person as these are such a pricey investment.