Sunday, 26 May 2013

L'Oreal Miss Pop Collection - Color Infallibles in Immaculate Ocean and Paradise Orchid

While browsing the L'Oreal counter at Monoprix in France today, I spotted these two new Color Infallibles #51 Paradise Orchid and #52 Immaculate Ocean in the permanent display. Turns out that they are part of the Miss Pop collection for spring in France, although there was no special display for the collection. You can view the full collection, which also includes some Glam Shine lipglosses and nailpolishes, on Journal d'une beauty parasseuse.

Naturally, I could not resist hauling these pretties which have a shimmery finish that make them far more interesting than the three matte shades released last fall (#41 Taupe Royal, #42 Green Baroque and #43 Brown Temptation). Immaculate Ocean is a metallic silvery grey blue with a duochrome finish. At certain angles, it looks like a metallic grey but under a bright light, the blue sparkles come to life.

Paradise Orchid is another lovely complex duochrome shade. It shifts from a metallic pale violet to flashes of pink.

Color Infallible collectors would be happy to know that Paradise Orchid looks like an all new shade and not a dupe of other Color Infallible shades (as L'Oreal has been known to release the same shade under different names in different countries). It is not as pink-toned as With A Twist.

For this spring, the US received four new Color Infallibles as part of the Miss Candy collection: #340 Dive Right In, #341 Strawberry Blonde, #342 With A Twist and #343 Cherie Merie (see swatches on Macnunu). Of these, I purchased Dive Right In and Cherie Merie off Ebay a few weeks ago.

Immaculate Ocean looked like a dupe for Dive Right In at first glance but upon swatching, Immaculate Ocean leans a slightly darker grey while Dive Right In is a tad darker grey with a stronger silvery blue flash when it catches the light.

Both Immaculate Ocean and Paradise Orchid are made in Italy while Dive Right In is made in the US. The packaging has just minor differences, like the words 'Color Infallible' are printed on the bottom of the pot of Immaculate Ocean but not for Dive Right In.

Below are comparison swatches with other Color Infallibles in the aqua spectrum.

If you own Dive Right In, you probably do not need to hunt down Immaculate Ocean unless you're a diehard Color Infallible collector who delights in the subtle nuanced variations. Paradise Orchid is beautifully unique and worth snapping up, if you can find it.

I also swatched Cherie Merie alongside Magnetic Coral (from the Miss Candy collection) and Pepsy Coral (from the Cannes collection).

Again, these are not exact dupes but rather, close cousins. Cherie Merie has the most intense coral orange tint out of the three.

The behind-the-scenes video for the Miss Pop commercial featuring Hungarian model Barbara Palvin.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the swatches, the eyeshadow colours look lovely!
The aqua colours are so tempting...

Glad that you're posting :D

Nunu said...

This is awful! I wish I'd never seen this post! Bahhhhh now I'm gonna have to hunt these down somehow.
Will probably give Immaculate Ocean a skip tho as I already have far too many of the silver shades released in this line.
Thanks for the swatches!

Nunu said...

Oh I forgot to ask, would you mind terribly if I linked to your swatches in my Infallible list?

Haru said...

Hi Nunu,
I don't mind at all, please feel free to do so! I've consulted your list so many times, it's truly a great resource. Let me know if I can help you get any of these.

Nunu said...

I have linked to your swatches, thank you! That list won't be possible without people like you out there finding new releases in different countries.
If it's not too bothersome and you happen to run across these again, I would dearly like a set!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I spotted Immaculate Ocean and Paradise Orchid along with Magnetic Coral and Metallic Lilac (which I've craved for ages but had given up on it being released in my country). Anyway, I'm dubious whether to get either IO, PO or both. Is immaculate Ocean similar to Sassy Marshmallow or Flashback Silver?
Also, have you noticed if L'Oreal is somewhat downsizing or changing the Infallible eyeshadows? I've noticed a lot of shades are not being restocked.

Haru said...

Immaculate Ocean is different from Flashback Silver and Sassy Marshmallow as it is a duochrome finish with a bluish flash that is not present in the other two shades. Sassy Marshmallow has blue and pink flecks. Flashback Silver is a deeper grey. In Switzerland, the number of Infallibles in the permanent range has remained quite steady at around 9 but they do introduce new shades and discontinue some from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer! Today I got Paradise Orchid and I think it's beautiful! really a unique shade.
I asked about discontinued/refurbished shades 'cause I've spotted 2 shades with a slightly different package. A black lid, so I thought maybe L'Oreal will release USA shades outside American soil but they turned out to be just Hourglass Beige and Eternal Black. Other core shades like Purple Obsession and Permanent Khaki have been MIA for a while and are a no show at L'Oreal website (I mean for my country) and some LE shades like Ultimate Black from the Black Velvet collection is now permanent. So maybe L'Oreal is planning something good?
Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Dang I forgot one question, do you think Immaculate Ocean can compare to Primped & Precious? Thank you.