Sunday, 23 June 2013

Addiction Cheek Polish

Below is a pic tweeted by Hamada Masaru of the Addiction Cheek Polish (2940yen), due out on 16 August in Japan. The shades are (from left):

* Chic (nude beige)
* Swingin' (romantic dreamy pink)
* Fresh (fresh healthy orange)
* Revenge (yellow-toned cherry red)
* Rose Bar (burnt rose pink)
* Tadzio (pure innocent rose)
* Suspicious (mysterious berry)

See another pic on Bidankai. These are formulated with rose hip oil and lavender oil for moisturising benefits, and contain no fragrance or shimmer. Below a pic of the counter display of the recent Basquiat collection.


Bellyhead said...

I'm so excited for these new blushes. I think I will need yet another variation of Revenge to then complete my Revenge trio! :)
Thanks for pulling together all the advanced previews of upcoming Japanese collections, Iris!!


Carina said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the pictures. Will you be picking any of the cheek polishes?

My friend is traveling to Japan in a few weeks, I hope she can still get some Basquiat quads for me. My initial plan to get them didn't quite pan out. :(