Wednesday, 10 June 2015

RMK Fall 2015 Urban Gold

RMK will launch this Urban Gold collection on 14 August in Japan. Inspired by Manhattan skyscrapers at sunset, it includes:
1. Gold Impression Eyes (3800yen, LE)

2. Ingenious Liquid Eyeliner EX in 7 shades, of which 2 are LE (2800yen)

3. Gold Impression Illuminator (4800yen)

4. Nail Color EX (4 shades, 1620yen)

5. Irresistible Glossy Lips and Bright Lips (5 shades, 3240yen)

Pics below by Osadanna.

Pic below by Voce.

According to Tokila, the new Airy Powder Foundation SPF25 PA++ (9 shades, 4000yen for refill and 1000 yen for case) and Super Basic Liquid Concealer N SPF30 PA++ (3 shades, 3500yen) will debut on 4 September.

From Be Story.

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