Friday, 7 August 2015

Paul & Joe Holiday 2015

Paul & Joe will release this limited edition makeup set (4800yen) on 1 November in Japan. It contains five eye colours, a Creamy Cheek Color, Waterproof Eye Liner, Rose Treatment Balm and a pouch. This is a pass for me for many reasons. The cat masquerade illustration and yellow motif are nowhere near as appealing as the Fall 2015 collection. The eye colours on slim cards were first done in the Holiday 2010 Symphony collection so they are not a new idea. The Rose Treatment Balm is the only product that looks vaguely appealing but it looks very similar to those released by Anna Sui in the same metal tin packaging (the two brands are manufactured by Albion). Put simply, I wish the brand had tried harder given how the holiday coffret sets are supposed to be for a special time of the year. Pic below by Nao.

Edited to add: There will be two makeup sets as well as two bath and body care sets. See pics on MaddyLovesBlog, thehappysloths, Cosmo Girl Hong Kong, janinefalcon, and Maysum.

Pic below by Tomoichi.

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