Thursday, 13 August 2015

Suqqu Holiday 2015

Here's a sneak peek at the two Suqqu holiday makeup coffrets, which should be released around November. Each set contains an eyeshadow trio, gel eyeliner pencil, bi-phase eye makeup remover and a tweed pouch. The inclusion of the eye makeup remover is disappointing for those that are not fans of Suqqu's pricey skincare. The sets would be much more appealing if Suqqu had included their excellent mascara or a lip product like last year's coffrets. Frankly, any cheap drugstore biphase remover will get the job done (like Bifesta or L'Oreal) so there is no need to spend £30/3240yen on Suqqu's eye makeup remover. Hopefully, the eyeshadow trios will be of the same quality as the Summer 2015 trios which are essentially all I've been wearing for the past couple of months. Pic below from Biteki's Instagram.

Pic below tweeted by FashionBeautyMonitor.

Pic below by Suqqu UK MUA Tomoko.

There will also be a premium skincare and basic foundation kit. For such a expensive prestige brand, that beige pouch looks cheaply done. Pic by Biteki.

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