Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Integrate Fall 2017

Integrate will launch this new Accent Color Eyes CC (980yen, 3.3g) as part of their Fall 2017 collection on 21 September. Of the 5 palettes, only VY695 is limited edition. The top shade in the palette is the CC base while the bottom right shade is the color liner shade.

The collection also includes a Beauty Filter Loose Foundation (3 shades), Mineral Base BB, Super Keep Liquid Liner and Pro Finish Foundation Special Set II (2 shades), Juicy Balm Gloss (3 shades) and Nails N (3 shades).
See more pics PR Times.


Christina said...

Phew, Haru, thank you for posting all of these updates! It's always fun to see what Japan will be releasing in the upcoming months, and it seems like quite a bit! I follow some of the Japanese beauty magazine instagram accounts, but it's nice that you summarize what the release is for those of us who can't read Japanese. :)

Haru said...

hi Christina,
You're welcome, glad to hear that it's helpful! Instagram does have a translate function, so maybe you can try that. It's not that accurate, but it's better than nothing! While the rest of the world gets caught up in the K-beauty craze, I feel like the Japanese still have a few good tricks up their sleeve, and they are less into gimmicks than the Koreans.

Christina said...

Yes, I completely agree! And the colour stories are usually a little more refined and elegant. I love the cute and cheery colors that K-beauty is known for, but I just love the overall presentation of the Japanese brands. Plus, I find Japanese skincare to be so luxurious--I feel special using it. LOL!