Saturday, 20 September 2008

Shu Uemura Holiday '08

Here are some more pics of Shu Uemura's Holiday '08 collection, done in collaboration with Japanese photographer Ninagawa Mika. Release date is 1 November in Japan.

1. Christmas Kit 2008: Choice of Fluid Foundation or Cream Foundation (full size), choice of UV Under Base Mousse or Under Base Cream (full size), Depsea Water Rose 13ml, 2 Petal Sponges, sponge case and vanity pouch

2. Eye Color Palette (6825yen; US$65 in the US): 3 palettes, each featuring 7 powder eyeshadows and a cream eyeliner.

Midnight Winter Sakura

Adorned Marguerite

Secret Luscious Rose

3. Gloss Unlimited Mini Trio Delicious Rose (4200yen): 3 limited edition shades of Gloss Unlimited in Candy Orange, Candy Pink, and Red. Comes in a rose-print pouch.

4. Makeup Box (26,250yen): limited edition train case

5. Portable Brush Set

6. Rouge Unlimited: in Petal Brown Beige, Petal Orange Beige and Petal Pink Beige.

It looks like the US will be getting some additional items, including a Gloss Unlimited Mini Trio Seductive Gerbera (with lipgloss shades in Gold, Pink, and Wine Red; US$40) with a different print on the pouch, a Drawing Pencil Mini Trio set (US$35), a cosmetic pouch with a chrysanthemum print (US$29)

The only items that interest me are the eyeshadow palettes. I like the prints on the cover but I'm not sure if the eyeshadow shades will suit me as the pics make them look quite muted. Hopefully they will be more interesting in person!

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