Thursday, 29 May 2014

Addiction 5th Anniversary Palette

Addiction celebrates its 5th anniversary this autumn with an unusual red and taupe Ready To Wear palette. Pic from Maquia.

Looking back over the five years since Ayako launched Addiction with an unusual line-up of six white and six black eyeshadows, it's impressive how the brand has grown. Makeup-artist driven brands have been successful in the fiercely competitive Japanese market previously, with the best example being RMK, but Addiction stood out from the beginning with their brilliantly-executed creative vision, diverse color palette and fresh product innovations every season. If RMK is the epitome of fresh, pink-cheeked prettiness and Paul & Joe is the quirky bohemian French chick, Addiction is the cool leather-clad rock chick who's partied all over the world that Lunasol, the beige-suited office lady can only watch in envy. Hopefully, Kose will finally take the brand international and give it the exposure that it deserves.


Laura said...

Loving your blog, eagerly waiting every post!

This palette looks something I neeeeeeed... Wonder if the red will make your look one's eyes inflamed though. I wonder when does this come out?

Laura said...

Oh, looks a lot like Alice, 3AM and some other existing colours... I wonder if these are all new?

Emmy L said...

This is exciting. It has a unique blend of colors. Will def gonna wait for this.