Saturday, 24 May 2014

Paul & Joe Fall 2014

For fans of Paul & Joe's whimsical prints, their upcoming Fall 2014 collection will be a treasure trove as it introduces ten limited edition Lipstick Case CS designs (1000yen), five of which are re-issued from previous seasonal collections. Due out on 1 August in Japan, the collection will also introduce 13 new lipstick refill shades (2000yen), three limited edition Lipstick CS shades (2000yen), Lip Concealer Duo (2000yen) and five Lip Liner Duos (2500yen). This collection alone is going to wipe out my makeup budget!

Below are the five brand new designs.

In the pic below, these are 019 Grenat Satellite (Autumn 2003), 050 Pavot (Spring 2007), 039 French Cancan (Spring 2005). The other two designs are not listed in the Collection Sparkles archive on the Paul & Joe website, so I'm not sure when they date from.

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Anonymous said...

i agree!!!

love p&J latest pigmented line, i have all of them (loving specially the fuchsia vie en rose? and the orange red silk stockings) , and cant wait to see the new colors, hope they are not all for the natural/ sheer selection...ahh the cases too

Thanks for this news, time to start saving up!!!