Saturday, 3 January 2015

Anna Sui March Releases

Anna Sui will release the following products on 1 March in Japan:

1. Dolly Girl Pearl Powder Kit: In two variations, each kit contains three mini pearl powder pots that are designed for use on the face, lips and eyes. Formulated with moisturising ingredients such as rosehip oil. (2800yen each)

2. Lipstick G: 7 new shades 050 Glitter Silver (with silver pearl), 051 Glitter Black (silver pearl), 350 Powder Pink (gold and red pearl), 351 Paris Pink (gold, red and silver pearl), 352 Rose Pink (gold, red and silver pearl), 650 Valencia (gold and red pearl) and 850 Glitter Gold (gold, bronze and silver pearl) (2800yen, 3g)

3. Dolly Girl Nail Color in 10 limited edition shades (680yen)

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