Sunday, 19 August 2007

Palgantong Theatrical Powder - Plaza edition

Palgantong, a Korean brand, has a popular line of products that is sold in many drugstores and specialty stores in Japan. Their star product is the Theatrical Powder which comes in 10g, 30g and 50g versions. Each year, Plaza Style (formerly known as Sony Plaza) releases limited edition versions of hit products from various brands in a special packaging. The photo at left shows the new limited edition version of Palgantong Theatrical Powder which will be available at Plaza Style stores starting 1 September. It certainly looks much prettier than the usual Palgantong packaging! I think this should be the 10g version which retails for 798yen. Plaza Style stores can be found in Harajuku, Shibuya (B2 of the 109 Building), Ginza and Lumine in Shinjuku.


Rini said...

Hi,I'm an awed passerby and increasingly liking your blog!do you know whether this powder is sold online!?I really wanna get the stuffs you feature but I'm not sure where to get it,thanks for your help!

♥~Erusa~♥ said...

Actually, it looks very cute~!

Haru said...

thanks for stopping by! I don't think any online store is selling this powder, at least not the Plaza limited edition version. But you can try to see if they are willing to do a custom order for you.

fleckenschnitte said... sells the powder, but in the original (ugly) tin. also you find it on ebay sometimes.
I personally wasn't impressed with the powder though!

brumeux said...

just want to wish you having a safe trip home (you are going home first rite?).