Thursday 17 May 2012

Armani Summer 2012 with six new Eyes To Kill

According to, Armani will be releasing an Oriental porcelain doll-inspired collection for summer. There is no release date stated though.

The collection includes: Rouge D'Armani Sheer #200 (porcelain red), #201 (porcelain coral), #202 (porcelain lotus red), #503 (porcelain nude), #504 (porcelain peach pink) and #505 (porcelain pink) and Gloss D'Armani in #513 (nude), #514 (nude rose quartz), #515 (nude pink), #516 (nude peach pink), #517 (nude rose) and #518 (nude rouge).

Fans of the Eyes To Kill line will be delighted as this collection introduces a whopping six new shades in #24 (golden copper), #25 (bronze), #26 (gold), #27 blue violet), #28 (sand gold) and #29 (rose). The collection also includes a black mascara and two eyeliners in black and brown. UPDATE: Alice has posted pics of #27 and #29 on her Facebook fan page.


Delicate Hummingbird said...

gosh, these new Eyes To Kill Eyeshadows look amazing! will these be asia-exclusive?

Haru said...

It was not stated in the Chinese press release that these are Asia-exclusive.

Anonymous said...

wow, these look really delectable! :)
thanks for the info! :)

Sabrina said...

OMG thank you for this post/preview. I really hope this is released world wide, I need all of those ETK and glosses!!!

Leigh said...

Oh my goodness, these look completely gorgeous. I wouldn't have pegged those colors as summer, interestingly enough.

Haru said...

hi Stilamich,
You're welcome :-)

hi Sabrina,
I think I need those ETK too!

hi Leigh,
I was surprised to see this described as being a summer collection as I thought Ecailles was Armani's summer collection and it is unusual for Armani to release more than one collection per season.

Chadwick Clarke : CMC Creative Makeup Consultant said...

Chad here. For anyone wanting this new collection from Armani. Come to Holt Renfrew in Toronto, Canada. Armani is exclusive here. We currently have the lip collection and the ETK are forthcoming.