Friday, 11 May 2012

Guerlain Meteorites Perles D'Azur by Emilio Pucci

For this summer, Guerlaine teamed up with Italian fashion house Emilio Pucci to create the Terra Azzurra collection. Taking inspiration from the Italian Riviera, the collection features a signature Pucci print, “Winter Capri". This is actually the second collaboration between Guerlain and Pucci. The first was in summer 2007 for a pink-themed collection (see the first Pucci Meteorites on MakeupAlley).

When swirled together, the Terra Azzurra Powder and Blush is a light brown. The two strips of peach and pink have sufficient color payoff to be used individually as blushes.

The Ecrin 4 Couleurs in Capri looks pretty but I think this can be duped with the Too Faced Summer Eye Palette. Perilously Pale has reviewed the Capri quad.

The collection also includes three lipglosses and two nail polishes in electric indigo blue and coral hues. The blue gloss is highly translucent and darkens the lip color just slightly.

The only item that appealed to me was the Meteorites in Perles D'Azur. The accompanying powder brush with blue bristles is a scratchy dud and totally not worth the price.

I'm glad that Guerlain has switched from the cardboard pots to a much classier metal packaging. With the prices that Guerlain charges, one simply expects sleeker packaging than mere cardboard.

The Meteorite balls comes in a muted blue and pink to correct yellow tones; beige and orange for a warm healthy glow; and pearlish ivory and white-gold to add radiance. Beauty Reflections has swatches of the individual shades while Blondy Candy has a breakdown of the shades in her pot.

Below is a heavy swatch, taken under a spot light so the shimmers show up more obviously than they do under normal daylight. When applied lightly all over the face, the effect is much more subtle and the tiny shimmer particles are obvious only if you look very closely.

The Meteorites are meant to be used as a finishing powder for a polished effect and very subtle glow. If you already own several Meteorites, you probably do not need this as the applied effect is quite similar to other Meteorites. I purchased this more for my collection and the special Pucci theme. With a generous 30g of product, a pot of Meteorites can last years with daily usage.

Below is my current collection:
Top - Butterfly Pearls (Holiday 2008)
Middle - Perles D'Azur (Summer 2012) and Perles de Nuit (Holiday 2011)
Bottom - Pearly White (Spring 2009), Perles D'Or (Holiday 2010) and Perles Imperiales (Holiday 2009).

To see other Meteorites from 2006 and earlier, do check out MUAer Carolineswing's collection.


Tracy said...

Is this collection out in Europe already?! I can't wait!!!

Haru said...

hi Tracy,
Yup, it's out in France. I purchased it in Sephora two weekends ago.

Tracy said...

Damn, nothing in Copenhagen is released that early. They had to close the outlet in the main dept store here. I'm going to stalk harrods for the next coming weeks. Will u be getting the bronzer?

Haru said...

Hey Tracy,
Nope, I don't use bronzers so those do not tempt me at all. The seasonal collections get launched earlier every year, to the point that it's getting a bit ridiculous. I read somewhere that Chanel's fall collection will launch in June. Have fun shopping at Harrods! I didn't get to go there this time, just spent all my time in Oxford Street.

Meryl said...

Oh my.. The design looks so gorgeous! I really can't wait to see it in person :) The meteorites' colors are super bright and nice to see however I don't think they worth the money though.

Pink said...

Hi Haru
What brush would you recommend using with the Meteorites? Thanks.

Sara Kye said...

Have always passed on Meteorites but this one actually looks really cute. While the blue balls don't contribute too much they look very pretty visually within the pot I might just check this one out!

Haru said...

Hi Pink,
I recommend using a fluffy powder brush with a rounded cut that can give a diffused application. It doesn't really matter which brand as good powder brushes are quite easy to find. I use the ones by Armani and Louise Young.

Tracy said...

Chanel's fall collection is now a summer collection? Are they also going to include a winter collection as well? :-) Harrods Direct is an evil site... but the annoying thing is the rate in which they load their collections. They're horrendously slow. If I was in London this week, I'll be shopping in Liberty!!

Pink said...

Thanks Haru! Would you recommend a Kabuki brush then? I am deciding between a powder brush and Kabuki for loose powder and the Meteorites. Hope one will do all the powder work. Thank you!

Miaka said...

Love your meteorites collection! The various colours in different meteorites never fail to confuse me as to which I should get.

PerilouslyPale said...

Thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

is this more expensive than regular metorites collection due to the puccci packaging?

FacesBySarah said...

i saw this yday! SO RETTYYY

Haru said...

Yes, the price is slightly higher for the Pucci Meteorites. In France, they are €44.50, versus €42.50 for the regular Meteorites and in the US, they are US$59 versus US$58 for the regular ones. The price difference isn't that much.

Anonymous said...

hi haru,
can u ps teach us how to use the meteorites? Do we use this before the loose setting powder (after liquid foundation), or after the loose setting powder?

or can we use the meteorites as the replacement as the loose setting powder instead? does this work well on oily skin?

thanks so much

Haru said...

The Meteorites can be used either in place of loose powder or on top of loose powder. The Meteorites don't provide oil control or any coverage on their own. So you may prefer to use loose powder for slightly more coverage and oil control, especially if you have oily skin. The Meteorites are meant to add a subtle glow and more polished finish.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your speedy reply, Haru.

i will try to find this in singapore too. hope u hv so much fun in europe :) envy u ya!

Debbie said...

Hi Haru,

Thank you for this blog! I have enjoyed reading it for the past 1 year. Enjoy yourself in Europe. Just wondering, will you be coming back to Sg one day?

Haru said...

hi Debbie,
Thanks, glad to hear that you enjoy reading it! Yes, I'll definitely move back to Singapore in a few years' time.

AvivaB83 said...

Hi! Ive been looking all over for someone who really has side-by-sides of the most recent Meteorites and I'm SO glad I found your site!! I first took my mom's back when I was about 11 (I'm now 28), and I used it until teen acne required more coverage, then went rushing back once in college. But big problem- there's literally NO information on the container as far as a color name or collection, so I'm cherishing the 3 balls and bits of powder that's still left. I jumped on the whole Pucci collab, I was under the rock of first-time stay-at-home motherhood when the first set came out, and I'm loving the bronzer/redness corrector perles added to the batch. I'm totally rambling, but my main question is this- once I can figure out which of the new "shaded" meteorites is closest to my old school original, which other special edition would you say has the most potential? I'd have my daily, Pucci for golden bronze, but the rest are just so subtley different that it's hard for me to pick up on their best traits through a computer screen. Aside from under eye concealer, I wear nothing but an illuminator on my face (until Pucci it's been NARS Orgasm). I like the perfect little bit of coverage, the multiple pinks/nudes blend my freckles well, and I always feel flawless. I just don't know which others to buy without being overly redunant, but the Guerlain lover in me wants them all!! I'm originally from New York City but am now in the MidWest with rarely any good shopping and even fewer people to ask for advice, so any tips or insights would be much appreciated!

Haru said...

The Pearly White one give the most radiant finish, whereas the others give more of a subtle glow without much difference in the tone. I buy these more to complete my collection, to be honest. I rotate through them regularly and don't really have a particular favourite. They don't provide coverage for me at all, just a subtle illuminating effect. Sorry I can't be of more help!

Chris El @ MyFashionTrendencies said...

Tracy led me to your blog to take a look at your Guerlain swatch and I think I need to buy this now. :)

Anne said...

Hi Haru,

I finally bought a tub of meteorites after reading ur post. As i have oily skin, i will set my foundation with loose powder, then followed by meteorites. Can u ps advice if this is followed by my nars brusher ( loose powder- meteorites-bruserh), or (loose powder- brusher- meteorites)

Sorry for asking silly question here, as i am very new in using makeup!
Thanks so much to you :)

Haru said...

hi Anne,
The Meteorites should be the last step. So I would apply powder, followed by blush on the cheeks and then lightly dust the Meteorites all over so that you get an even glow.

Anne said...

Thanks for your speedy reply, Haru!
Cant wait to use it..its simply so pretty :)
U hv a good time in France and be safe.. :)