Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Jill Stuart Relax Bodycare Collection

Jill Stuart will launch its Relax Bodycare line on 12 October in Japan. The new line comes in white packaging but retains the signature aromatic white bouquet fragrance. It also introduces the brand's first fragrance products for hair and fabric.

It includes:

1. Relax Body Balm (85g, 4200yen)

2. Relax Body Milk (250ml, 3150yen)

3. Relax Bath Tablet (3150yen for 50g×8 tablets)

4. Relax Hand Cream (2400yen for 74g, 1260yen for 30g)

5. Relax Treatment Hair Mist (200ml, 2940yen)

6. Relax Fabric Fragrance (200ml, 2625yen)

7. Relax First Kit (3675yen)

8. Debut Collection (4200yen, online exclusive)

Pics from Biteki.com and UrCosme.

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