Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sentimental Circus at the Loft

The Loft in Kyoto currently has a huge space devoted to popular San-x characters like Rirakkuma and Sentimental Circus. The latter features the most prominently in the store window and inside.

The cast of Sentimental Circus.

The mind-boggling range of character goods on sale includes the newest joker-themed collection as well as those released earlier in the year. If not for the lack of luggage space, I would have spent a bomb.

This was absolute plushie heaven!


lizchewy said...

Everything is so cute!!! I totally agree that it is plushie heaven. Thanks for sharing.

Maya said...

OMG! So adorable! I'm heading to Japan again in end Nov, and can hardly wait for the trip! :D

So Lonely in Gorgeous said...

Too funny, I just told Justine about Loft a few days ago. I love loft! I can literally shop there for hours...and I do :P

Also, I adore Sentimental Circus and get their stationary from Loft.

Did you buy anything?

Haru said...

yup, I purchased lots of Sentimental Circus stationery like plastic folders, pens, card straps etc. I would have gotten more but I had limited luggage space!

hi Maya,
I'm sure you will have an excellent time on your next trip!

hi lizchewy,
Glad you liked it :-)

Tiara Wy said...

Now I have a new temptation on my mind! After seeing the cushion/pillow on the lowest shelf, I did a google search and saw one that is a hand warmer too. This post is too cute!

Elaine said...

Zomg! Sentimental Circus world!!!
Very cute!

Laura said...

Hi Iris,

When I was at Macau, I found a Sentimental Circus bunny selling for hkd60, and it was a medium sized (30cm?), brand new one! Was super happy and bought it back with me. Happy days. Now he is just sitting happily on the sofa.

Bonnie said...

Wow! So many cute things in this store. I wish we had a store like this my my city.

Old Cow said...