Tuesday, 19 June 2012

L'Oreal Color Infallibles Miss Candy Collection Swatches

The L'Oreal Miss Candy collection has just been released in France. Although the collection is available in several countries, the number of products and shades available appear to differ depending on the country. The French edition includes three Color Infallibles in #32 Sassy Marshmallow (swatched here), #33 Tender Caramel and #34 Pepsy Coral, four Glam Shine lipglosses with a swirly design, and four pastel nail polishes. You can see swatches of the lipglosses on the Sunday Girl and here.

#34 Pepsy Coral is a coral orange shade that is very similar to #39 Magnetic Coral except that Pepsy Coral contains flecks of pale gold whereas Magnetic Coral contains flecks of pink and gold. When swatched, Magnetic Coral is a tinge more orange-toned while Pepsy Coral leans more rose gold. Nevertheless, I found Magnetic Coral to be surprisingly easy to wear, as it is not that loud when applied on the eyelids.

The pic above was taken under a spot light which shows off the shimmery finish while the pic below was taken under normal room light.

#33 Tender Caramel is a silvery taupe brown.

I also picked up #40 Cosmic Black, an antique bronze with black flecks, from the L'Or Electric collection. This looks similar to #24 Bronze Godddess but swatches a bit more sheer and murky.

These swatches were 1-2 swipes each over bare skin without any primer, using my fingertip. All had a smooth, velvety texture. Although some of the Color Infallibles get clumpy in the pot with chunks that stick to the black plastic stopper, but that doesn't affect how well they apply.

My current stash of Infallibles, which has doubled this spring thanks to the Cannes/L'Or Electric and Miss Candy collections.


Leticia - Cosmetics Aficionado said...

These are such great shadows. I love the ones I bought. I wish everyone had access to all the same colors.

Anonymous said...

How do these L'Oreal Color Infallibles fare as compared to the Giogio Armani Eyes to kill?

Haru said...

The texture is very similar to Armani ETK, but the ETK comr in more complex shades. In terms of wear time, the two are the same for me. Both last very well without any primer.

milktea said...

I loves this product! ;)

Laura said...

Hi Haru,

You mentioned that you purchased #40 Cosmic Black in this post, and you also mentioned Cosmic Black in the previous post. Can I know what about the Bronze Goddess? Which collection does it belong to? Thanks!

Haru said...

hi Laura,
I believe Bronze Goddess was from the L'Or L'Or L'Or collection released in Winter 2011. Cosmic Black is part of the Cannes/L'Or Electric collection released this summer in France.

Kas said...

Tender Caramel is very pretty - it has a nice warmth to it. I have so many Infallibles now too - I think I should take them all out and see exactly how many I have!

Unknown said...

I have been searching all over Singapore and popular online stores/Amazon/ebay for months but still can't get hold of Cosmic Black, Bronzed Goddess or even Onyx Black. Anyone finds one, please let me know where. I have to get Cosmic Black. Am losing sleep over it :)