Saturday, 2 February 2008

Anna Sui New Base Makeup

I've barely adjusted to the fact that it's now 2008 and now January has already turned into February! And the makeup companies just keep the new product launches coming :-) On 1 March, Anna Sui will be releasing:

1. Loose Compact Powder UV: Silky loose setting powder that comes in a convenient portable case (3675yen for 4g refill, 1050yen for case)
#001 Platinum Lucent (with hologram shimmer) SPF15, PA++
#002 Pearly Lucent (with pearl shimmer) SPF15, PA++
#200 Purple Lucent (with silver shimmer) SPF15 PA++
#700 Light Tone SPF14 PA++
#701 Medium Tone SPF14 PA++
#702 Dark Tone SPF14 PA++

2. Control Color Primer #100: Blue-toned control color formulated with Micro Lucent Powder for covering up pores and skin discolorations without giving the skin a whitish cast. SPF35, PA++ (2940yen)

3. Oil Control Roll Paper: The oil control sheets are printed with a butterfly motif and come in a case (7.5cm x 10.5cm x 1.5cm) with a mirror. (2310yen)

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