Friday, 24 April 2009

Jill Stuart Summer '09

Jill Stuart will release its summer collection on 5 June in Japan. Fans of its Jelly Eye Color may be pleased to know that the Jelly Eye Colors are being revamped with a new glass pot packaging. There are only 10 new shades are being introduced, a big decrease from the current 18 shades. I hope some of the more unique shades such as #1 Green Butterfly will be retained. I think the whole summer collection is permanent as none were listed as limited edition on

Brilliance Eyes Layered Gem (5250yen)

Jelly Eye Color N (2310yen, 10 shades)

Jelly Lip Gloss (2310yen): #13 Gold Beige, #14 White Pink, #15 Pink Beige

Nail Lacquer N (1575yen, 10ml): #31 Shiny Platinum, #32 Light Lavender, #33 Light Pink, #34 Bright Pink, #35 Glitter Red

Base Coat N (1575yen)

Top Coat N (1575yen)

Protective Paper N (1890yen, 70 sheets)


Whitepiano555 said...

wow, the new package for Jelly Eye is soooo pretty. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting pics. I own not a single item from this line but I adore it! :)

I am especially drooling over the eye jellys!


Autumn Masquerade said...


It'd be a relief if the entire collection wasn't LE. I'm happy to see they are finally releasing a blotting paper case. I like their blotting paper but the current case doesn't stand up to much wear and tear.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, if the container for the Jelly Eye will be revampled in glass, won't that raise the price a little. And their stuff are already pricy... :S

Haru said...

Dear innerchild,

the Jelly Eye Colors currently also come in a glass pot packaging but the pot is a different shape from the new ones coming out in June. The new pot packaging is more curvy, similar to Lavshuca's packaging.