Saturday, 25 July 2009


Voce magazine did an in-depth feature on the newly launched Addiction., created by Japanese makeup artist, Ayako who was formerly the international makeup director for NARS. She met Nars in 1995 and he became her mentor for 14 years. It's probably no coincidence that Addiction comes in a sleek black packaging like Nars, but without the horrendous rubber.

Ayako's philosophy for Addiction was to create a brand that allowed women to express their individuality fully. Ayako set out by focusing on the basic shades but in a variety of textures. For example, she wanted to create ten black and ten white eyeshadows but in the end, she narrowed it down to six shades each. The eyeshadows (2100yen) come in 4 textures: matte, pearl, metallic and sparkle. Ayako wanted to create shades that she desired but could not find in other brands. She was also very focused on creating red lipsticks even though the usual thinking among Japan makeup companies is that red does not sell as well as pink. But she managed to win the company over with her passion.

Top Row (Left to right): SnowMagic, Stardust, Snow Bouquet
2nd Row: Star Sirius, Paper Doll, Joker
3rd Row: Sugar Angel, Keshi, Snow Bird
Bottom Row: Crow, Snow Venus, Star Vega

Here are two looks that Ayako did on Japanese actress/model Ai Tominaga. For "Black Sensation", Ai is wearing Eyeshadows in Snow Magix, Keshi and Crow, Blush in Roccoco, Nocturne and Sometime, Cinnamon Eyebrow Pencil , Blackjack Mascara, Endlessly Lipstick, Ivory Coast Lipliner Pencil, Tinted Moisturiser #3, Perfect Concealer Covering #1, Natural Veil Powder #1.

For "Red Sensation", Ai is wearing Eyeshadwows in Ice Wall, Sandcastles, Rigoletto, Blushes in Rococo, Nocturne and Aqua Bronze, Cinnamon Eyebrow Pencil, Blackjack Eyeliner Pencil, Blackjack Mascara, Femme Fatale Lipstick, Flamenco Lipliner Pencil, Tinter Moisturise #5, Perfect Concealer Pact and Natural Veil Powder #2.

Ai Tominaga with Ayako at the launch of Addiction in Isetan department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo.


Anonymous said...

This line looks exciting! I do love NARS but wish they would change their packaging. :) Is that crazy of me? They get dirty so easily. It makes this neat-freak crazy. :)


♥akisa♥ said...

haha look at Ai towering over the other lady~~ I love the red lips

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'll anticipating on chicca bright red blusher in your early post, which I think it's quite unusual for Japanese brand. Thank you for posting this. :-)