Saturday, 20 October 2012

Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Collection Swatches

The Essence Breaking Dawn collection arrived at my local Manor, well ahead of the official November release date. I'm not a fan of the movie series but I was still looking forward to this collection for the complex shades.

Many of the Essence displays in my area have been quite neglected with nary a sign of the latest seasonal collections, so I was quite excited to find a well-stocked new collection for once.

The collection includes four pigments (CHF3.95).

These are designed to be used with bases. A couple of these shades do not adhere well to the skin without a base. 03 A Piece of Forever is one example as it comprises basically diffuse fine gold glitter. 04 Edward's Love contains tiny multi-colored glitter bits that fly all over the place unless there is a base.

02 Alice Had A Vision Again (dark royal purple) and 01 Jacob's Protection (dark grey with silver shimmer) swatched the most smoothly and can probably be applied on top of a normal primer.

The blush 01 Renesmee Red (CHF4.50) is a soft matte orange-toned red with good colour payoff.

The Shimmer Powder 01 Bella's Secret (CHF4.75) is a very silky, finely milled highlighting powder with a pearlish pale gold tint.

It is very similar to the shimmer powder 01 Lil' Vampire from last November's Vampire Love collection, but boasts a more generous amount of product at 11g, versus 8.5g for the latter.

There is only one lipstick in this collection, 01 A Piece of Forever (CHF3.95) which applies as a light golden sheen. I think this works best layered over another lipstick to add luster.

The two glitter liners in 01 Alice Had A Vision Again and 02 Jacob's Protection (CHF3.75 each)look gorgeous in the tube but these actually have a clear base, so they can't produce an smooth opaque line.

Of the two lipglosses, I was only able to snag the 01 Alice Had A Vision Again (CHF3.50), a translucent murky purple with ultrafine silver shimmer.

Below are swatches of the glitter liners, lipgloss, lipstick, shimmer powder and blush.

The final piece that I picked up was the nail polish 04 Edward's Love (CHF3.50). There are three other shades available.

Aside from the Twilight collection, Essence has also just released a trio of hand balms with the theme "Hot Winter Drinks" with Caramel Hot Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon Punch and Gingerbread Chai Latte. None of the scents appealed to me so I skipped this.


Citrine said...

I literally went "Oh my..." when Robert Pattison and Taylor Launtner popped out into view. I was expecting the Essence cartoon girl...Anyway, I would totally buy the blush and the eyeshadow pigments if it ever reaches US (it probably won't though).

Haru said...

Hey Citrine,
I actually thought the blush would be more blue-toned red, based on the official pics but it looks quite pretty when swatched. I was so happy to get the pigments, but missed out on the shimmery purple nailpolish. Hope you get the collection in your area too!

Joyce September said...

Fine collection, and I love love love Bella's Secret! I have a hard time trying to correlate the eyeshadows and their names though, particularly #1 & #4...

Haru said...

hey Joyce,
My guess is that Jacob's Protection is grey because of the werewolf link while Edward's Love is so glittery because of their diamond-like skin.

evremedusa said...

omg! i loved this one though i'm not a real twilight fan, unfortunately its not available now on our local store:(
loved your blog to and would be happy if you have the chance to visit mine too:))