Monday, 6 April 2009

TSS Pisces Collection

Here are the last batch of photos of my haul from The She Space. This is the Pisces collection that came out a couple of months ago. I haven't tried any of these out yet, due to my bad habit of oversleeping in the mornings which leaves me with no time for makeup. But I'm already planning to order the Aries collection, perhaps when the Taurus collection comes out later this month so that I can order them together :-)

Dazzle Dance

Living In Motion

Caught Off Guard

Magical Hats

Lower The Light

Blazing Angels

Tinted Wisdom

Against The Current

Far Too Free

Pixie Paradise

Crawl Then Fly

Circle The Moon


Wendy said...

The pigments look all so pretty! You definately tempt me to order as well. Especially when it's so cheap. The only problem is that there are so many colors, it's hard to pick!

Wendy said...

Ok I just ordered 40 samples :D It took me a while to pick the colors though. Can't wait to recieve them!

Haru said...

Dear Wendy,

I'm sure you won't regret your purchase as these pigments are terrific! The only thing is that orders from TSS often take awhile to arrive as they take about 1 week from receiving your order to shipping it and then from there, it could be 2-3 weeks to arrive in your mailbox.

Wendy said...

Hi Haru,

Yes I figured it out that it might take a bit longer, but that's fine :) Do you think there is a huge difference in the pigments of TSS and MAC? Except the price of course ;) I think it's great that TSS offers so many colors to 'try' out. I have ordered MAC pigment samples from The Body Needs before, but the colors doesn't seem so nice as TSS and there are not so many choices on TBN.

x Wendy

Haru said...

Hi Wendy,

MAC pigments come in varying textures, some are chunkier and grittier while some are much smoother and silkier, so it's difficult to compare them with TSS pigments. TSS pigments also has a range of different textures. Overall, I would say both are good quality and you get many different colors to play with and choose from. I find TSS pigments to be just as vibrant and long-lasting (with a primer) as MAC pigments.

Wendy said...

Hi Haru,

Thank you for the information! I will take pics of my TSS pigment samples when they arrive. Do you mind if I take pics the same way like you did? But I will probably cut & paste them in a big picture, place them next to each other ;) Have you tried the black primer of TSS? It's the first time I heard of a black primer. Normally I use the UDPP.

Anonymous said...

Found bigger pics from this Taiwan blog about MJ latest range of makeups. According to the Chinese description, these products seems to be limited. Anyway, it also states launching in Taiwn on 1st May 09. Not sure if Spore will launch on the same day.

Haru said...

Hey Wendy,

I haven't used the TSS Black Primer yet, but it seems to work pretty well. I also use UDPP occasionally but it's not sold in my country so it's more difficult to get hold of than Testimo Bright Up Eye Base which is my daily staple.

As for taking pics of the pigments, no problem at all :-) Feel free to do so and if you post the pics online, do send me the link as I'd love to see what you got!

Wendy said...

Hi Haru,

Sure I will do that! You can visit my blog anytime ;) Keep up your great blog!

x Wendy

garfield said...

omg they all look so pretty! Circle The Moon looks like Love from M.A.D. minerals which I adore ;)