Friday, 4 September 2009

Jill Stuart Mook & Gisele

I received the Jill Stuart 5th Anniversary Mook and October issue of Gisele today from Japan. Edited to add: Both Jill Stuart Mook and Gisele have already sold out at Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City but there will be another shipment of the Jill Stuart mook in about 2 weeks. If you want a copy, do call and order.

The pouch is very well-made with lots of room plus slots for brushes. There is also a detachable divider inside. This is what makes the mook a worthwhile buy considering the usual prices of Jill Stuart's beauty accessories.

The matching mirror.

As for the 64-page magazine portion, it has the usual interview with designer Jill Stuart, recap of previous collections and makeup tutorials. Nothing really that interesting or new but since this is the first ever Jill Stuart beauty mook, it's still nice to have if you're a collector.

Limited edition items from the past 5 years. No pic of the upcoming holiday coffret but just a hint that it will be sweets-themed.

A mini catalog of the makeup range.

Lip products.

The 5th Anniversary party where the goody bag was products from the 5th Anniversary collection. So lucky!

A day in the life of a Jill Stuart beauty adviser.

Makeup how-to tutorials.

The new store in Hong Kong. Wonder when Singapore will get its own?

I basically wanted this issue of Gisele for the Gelato Pique portable mirror, which is about the same size as the Jill Stuart one with a similar silky finish. Now I'm just waiting for the Gelato Pique mook to be released on 10 September with the matching tote bag and scrunchie!


kenji_sugizo said...

Jill Stuart in Stock already

Unknown said...

Hi, just wondering if there are any pages with makeup tutorials besides the one you posted?

saintangelius said...

I need to start changing my magazines. JJ and Vivi never give out that kind of freebies. The gelato pique mirror is so cute *_*

Catherine said...

Eee, how cute! I am totally stopping by Kino soon! And if they don't have it I'll order it online lol.

Mz. W said...

wow the bag looks so pretty!! You always get such lovely gift with purchases!

Haru said...

Hi sierra_lo,
I think there are a couple more pages that I didn't post but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

hi, look so nice. i want to buy. thks

Unknown said...

Hi Haru,

I would like to purchase Jill Stuart compact brusher and the pouch shown on your website, are these available and how much will this cost? If possible can I email you directly?


Haru said...

Hi Jamie,
I don't sell anything on my website. You can buy Jill Stuart makeup on webshops such as,, and

evie said...

hi can i ask you if how much is the jill stuart mook in kino (in Sg dollars)sells?..thanks!

Haru said...

It's about S$31+ at Kino in Singapore.