Thursday 23 August 2012

Paul & Joe and Anna Sui Holiday 2012

Beauty journalist Tomoichi just tweeted these exciting pics of a Paul & Joe Eye Color & Lip Balm set which will be released on 1 November in Japan. It includes a pink lip balm, a smoky black eye color and a white and brown Glistening Eye Color. Fans of the brand can also look forward to the Paul & Joe Beauté 10th Anniversary mook which will be published on 19 September by Takarajima.

Anna Sui will release two makeup sets on 1 November in Japan, plus fragranced candles and body powder. One of the makeup sets is shown below. Anna Sui Japan has also just introduced its first app for iPhone and Android phones, which provides news updates, photos of her past four fashion collections, a calendar (functions only in Japanese) etc.


Sabrina said...

so pretty! <3

Nicolle said...

Hi Haru

The Anna Sui collection looks really nice with all the purple themed items!!

Would love to have it in singapore! As for the anna sui app will it be in english for everything except the calendar?

And I also want to ask you what brand of camera model are you using to take those lovely pictures of flowers in your home and your travels?? The pictures u took have very good pixels & rich color even with close ups. I'm trying to hunt for a new camera but not sure what brand to get..or which one is good.

Please let me know and i'll try to check it out if its still available here!!

you can contact me at


Haru said...

hi Nicolle,
I am currently using Canon PowerShot SX210 IS. Canon makes excellent point-and-shoot digicams. However, I would not recommend the SX210 as it's a relatively old model and it has trouble focusing at very short range. I'm sure you can find a better, newer model from Canon.

The Anna Sui app has the broad categories in English so it's easy to navigate but the news updates and calendar is in Japanese. To make full use of it, you have to be able to read Japanese, but to view the seasonal fashion collections doesn't require Japanese.

memoiselle said...

What a pretty collection from Paul & Joe! Do you know any other online site that ships Paul & Joe for free other than Beautybay?
Thanks Iris :)

Haru said... also stocks Paul & Joe and ships for free internationally. However, they don't always provide the best packaging for fragile makeup products.