Sunday, 19 August 2012

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Review - RS404 Disco and RD607 Nocturne

Liquid lipsticks have been all the rage in the Japanese beauty scene for quite some time now. This fall, Shiseido steps up the game with its new Lacquer Rouge which comes in vibrant, bold shades with a lustrous finish that is rare for a Japanese brand. Unlike most of Shiseido's products, the Lacquer Rouge is made in the USA.

Inspired by Japanese lacquer ware, the Lacquer Rouge promises to leaves lips as smooth as lacquer with an applicator that fits closely against the lips for a comfortable, even, bleed-free application. It also improves the condition of lips, leaving them smooth and deeply moisturized. Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page describes the collection as being "about the simplicity of a lip gloss married to the intensity of a lipstick, with deep pigment and rich colour payoff, long-lasting shine and gloss".

There are 8 shades available in the US and Europe, versus 12 shades in Asia. You can see swatches of the 12 shades on Makeup Blogette and Makeup Stash. These retail for US$25 (about S$32) in the US, S$43 in Singapore and 3675yen (S$58) in Japan. As usual, Japanese consumers get the worst deal.

The sponge applicator pulls out of the tube with a dab of the rouge concentrated on the slanted tip. Being very well pigmented, that is usually sufficient for one application. Compared to YSL Glossy Stain, I prefer the YSL's angled applicator which has a slightly broader surface that covers the lips better in a couple of strokes. Nevertheless, the Shiseido applicator works fine for an even, precise application. The two shades I purchased are RD607 Nocturne and RS404 Disco.

The pics above show Nocturne while the pics below show Disco, a fun bright pink. Both shades applied with opaque coverage and a nice shine. Both lasted well over four hours, but they do transfer to cups and require touch ups after eating. I also noticed Nocturne bleeding into the fine lines after about three hours. After wearing these, my lips did feel a tad dry and in need of balm. The texture feels thicker than the YSL Glossy Stains, which have a shinier finish. The YSL Glossy Stains offer more shade options (20) with varying levels of colour payoff, so if the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge looks too dramatic for you, you may wish to check out the YSL version or Maquillage Essence Glamorous Rouge, which is less tenacious but more user-friendly.

Below is the list of ingredients.


Jacqueline said...

I just bought Blaze yesterday! Anyway I was thinking hard about Noctune but decided perhaps I don't need another red lippie. It looks great on you though. Have you bought the Guerlain version, how do you think they compare?

Haru said...

I haven't seen the Guerlain version yet, probably won't purchase it as I do not like the packaging design and the price is quite a bit higher than Shiseido and YSL.

Coco said...

I have tried the color and don't like the finish. I much prefer YSL verion of this. The new Shisedo lip lacquer do have lasting power. Mine stayed for 5 hours with some fading.

So Lonely in Gorgeous said...

I agree, Japan always gets the short end when it comes to pricing...sigh

Haru, Those two color look amazing on you!! I must have them :D

I was going to check these out on the 23rd after I get my THREE goodies, but now I'll definitely have to pick some of these up :)

memoiselle said...

Looking so gorgeous in that color. I don't like to see myself in red but you look stunning in that lip color.

Fiona Star said...

Ooh I like Disco, it looks like such a fun and cute colour on you!

The Driveller Kate said...

Both look beautiful on you! Yours is the third review I've read that mentions these being a bit drying -- I'm for once glad the UK is so late to receive new Shiseido releases as I would have succumbed for sure based on the earlier wall-to-wall raves.

Haru said...

hi Kate,
I was waiting for you to review these as I'm interested to hear what you think of them! Plus you do the best comparison reviews.