Friday, 3 December 2010

Majolica Majorca, Maquillage & Cle de Peau Spring 2011

Majolica Majorca, Maquillage and Cle de Peau will release their spring makeup collections on 21 January in Japan.

The dessert-inspired Majolica Majorca collection includes:

1. Puff de Cheek: PK301 Peach Macaron, OR302 Apricot Macaron, PK303 Strawberry Macaron and #82 Vanilla Macaron. (1365yen, 7g)

PK303 and #82 are limited edition while the other two are permanent. The blushes are formulated with macadamia nut oil for skin treatment benefits.

2. Cream Pencil Liner: BK999 Bitter Black and BR611 red-toned mocha brown 892yen, 1.4g)

3. Lash Expander Frame Plus: BR666 Chocolate Brown (limited edition, 1260yen)

4. Jewelling Eyes: PK330 Strawberry Cake and BR631 Caramel Lisse (1575yen)

5. Pressed Pore Cover: pressed face powder in limited edition case (1785yen, 10g)

Maquillage's spring collection includes:
1. Rouge Enamel Glamour: 6 new lip duos (2625yen)

2. Lighting Eyes Creator: 4 eyeshadow palettes (3675yen). The palettes each contain a Lighting Base (1), Clear Colour (2), Shadow Colour (3) and Light Up Pearl (4) shade.

3. Perfect Fine Liner WP: Quick-drying, smude-proof and waterproof jet black liquid liner (3150yen)

Cle de Peau's spring collection theme is "la beaute eblouissante" (dazzling beauty). It includes:

1. Ombre Couleur Quadri: 2 new quads (5250yen, 5g)

2. Rouge Subtil: 3 new shades (5250yen, 2g)

3. Rouge à Lèvres: 4 new shades (6300yen, 4g)


Kathi said...

I actually really like the look of the MM collection whereas MQ looks quite bland...
I will definitely get both of the PK blushes and maybe some extra bits like the powder in the LE case =)
Thanks for posting!!

Kas said...

The blushers in the Majolica collection looks so pretty! I like how the blushers look! And I like the sound of Bitter Black eyeliner!

Lisa ♔ said...

wow... the puff cheeks looks so cute. The MM eyeshadow do look quite bland, quite dissapointed with the newer releases actually but I love the Cle de peau palette, so beautiful!

Thank you so much for sharing this =D

M said...

Yum yum!

N.A.P.B. said...

Hi a question totally unrelated to the above post for you. How come Singapore doesn't have the Estee Lauder Extravagant Night Holiday 2010 Collection? I have a major crush on the namesake nail lacquer.


Haru said...

I have no idea, so it's best to ask at the counter if it will be available here.

Michelle said...

The new MM collections looks very kawaii! I am very keen on the new blush! The packaging is so cute! I like the new pink eyeshadow palette too.

Haru said...

Hey Michelle,
I love the new Puff de Cheeks! Think they will be very popular, especially since Love Clover is not available here in Singapore.