Tuesday 27 November 2012

Addiction Moroccan Rose Compact Swatches Holiday 2012

Something truly special arrived in the post today, zipping from Japan to Switzerland by EMS in just four days.

The Addiction Moroccan Rose holiday coffret continues the theme of the past couple of collections. It is inspired by Creative Director Ayako's memories of her visit to Tangier, Morocco by sailing on a ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar. This was at the invitation of a friend to spend Christmas in Morocco, during Ayako's days as a student in France. To welcome guests, Moroccans scatter rose petals on the bed.

The coffret includes a Limited Compact and pink nail polish called Missing You More (to match the Addiction lipgloss of the same name). Since Japan Post strictly disallows the mailing of nail polishes overseas, I had the nail polish gifted to a dear friend who lives in Japan. In any case, the beautifully designed compact with the gold reflective lid was what stole my heart.

All the shades in the palette are new and exclusive. There is a plastic shield for the Kohl Eyeliner in the lower left corner.

The individual pans are easily removable through holes in the back of the case.

In the top right corner is a Cream Blush in medium dusty rose. The formula is that of Addiction's popular Cheek Stick.

The top left corner features the Eye & Face Color in Damask Rose, which is a mosaic blend of rose, beige, pearl grey and gold tones. This applies as a shimmery pale rose pink with a golden sheen. I think this is the first time Addiction has produced a multi-tone shade like that.

The dazzling gold eyeshadow has a shiny metallic finish.

The Kohl Eyeliner is a sooty black with bronze pearl, inspired by the starry desert nights. This has the creamier velvety texture found in the left half of the regular Kohl Eyeliner duos that is a joy to work with. The bronze shimmer particles are very refined and tiny, so I doubt they will be as visible on the eyelids as they appear in the arm swatches.

These swatches were done on bare skin without any primer. I layered each shade three times to get them to show up well. The sheerest shade is Damask Rose but it does layer smoothly without any patchiness. The gold shade has a more glittery finish but it does not feel dry or gritty to touch. The cream blush can be applied sheer for a natural tint of color or more intensely for a rosy flush.

One fan of the Moroccan Rose Compact is model Jessica Michibata who wore it on the BeauTV programme that she hosts. The coffret has also received very positive reviews on Cosme.net with an average rating of 5.8 stars out of a maximum of 7.

My treasured collection of Addiction holiday palettes, including Sleepless Nights (2011) and Dolly Bird (2010).

I purchased this set through Bring Bling JP, which charges an 8% fee of the purchase price. They take a few days to reply to emails, but overall everything went smoothly and I was very happy to be able to snag this coffret.


Makeup Remastered said...

I have been patiently waiting for swatches-thank u!-this set looks very pretty-pity about the nail polish -the fact that can't be shipped out of Japan makes me hesitant to purchase...... Or maybe not!:)

Moni said...

What a delightful palette! Love it :) Such nice colors.

And the previous ones are very lovely too! nice collection :)

LauraLeia said...

Damask Rose looks so pretty, both in the pan and when swatched! :)

Cutie Fishball said...

I have just receive this holiday coffret in the mail... I am still in the admiring phase and I can't bear to touch it yet... but they are really pretty and the pan design is so elegant!

How are you using Damask Rose? I wonder if you use it for the eyes or as blush?

Haru said...

I'm using Damask Rose on the eyes as it's too pale to work for me as a blush.

Cutie Fishball said...

Thank you Haru- I guess my skintone is a tad darker than you and I will think it will just work as highlight shimmer on me...

on a side note I was so impressed by your articles on THREE and hence I managed to CP a huge THREE order... esp looking forward for the shimmery veil and the eyeliners!!!