Saturday, 10 November 2012

Muji Aroma Diffuser

At Muji in London, I chanced across this aroma diffuser, which uses sonic waves to generate a cool dry mist. There is also a smaller version available but I preferred the larger one for its better throw.

It couldn't be simpler to use with the advantage that there is no need to fuss around with lighters, matches or trimming wicks like one needs to do with candles. Simply fill it up with water and add a few drops of an essential oil, and it starts producing the mist almost instantly when switched on. It's pretty quiet with a soft bubbling water sound. It can run for up to 3 hours non-stop, with four time settings available. There are two ambient light settings that bathe the room in a soft glow.

Included is a plastic jug and a variety of electric plugs to adapt to the country of usage.

Muji also offers a range of essential oils. For this Christmas, there is a quartet of orange & cinnamon, sweet orange & clove, Christmas Tree and Lavendin & Ginger. It was the Sweet Orange & Clove that drew me in. Retailing at £9.99 for a set, I think these will work out to be much more economical than candles.

I also picked up the Refreshing & Invigorating and the Fortifying & Reviving sets. These are made in the UK.

Together with the new Cranberry Joy and Ginger Sparkle fragrance oils from The Body Shop, these will last me through a couple of seasons at least.

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