Friday, 1 October 2010

Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick #20 Hibiscus

One hazard of being an avid reader of beauty blogs is that one often gets tempted into wanting makeup products that are not available in Singapore. With the excellent swatches and real-life shots provided by various blogs, researching brands that one can't see in person has been made so easy. That's how I came to pick out Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick #20 Hibiscus as my first lipstick purchase from the new Burberry makeup line as it looked like a glamorous rich scarlet.

I purchased this through a friend from Hong Kong where the Burberry line can be found at Faces in Tsim Sha Tsui. It costs HK$245 (S$43), not cheap but quite close to the price of a Chanel lipstick (S$44) lipstick in Singapore.

It is richly pigmented and applies with a creamy, velvety finish. It doesn't have that slick feel of Za Plumper Lips but applies with greater opacity. It also feels creamier and less dry than my Chanel Rouge Allure #147 Maniac. I wore this for about four hours and it did not bleed or dry out my lips. However, if you have very dry or peeling lips, I recommend using a lip balm first to help the lipstick apply more smoothly.

Instead of the usual click catch mechanism, Burberry lipsticks have a magnetic closure that is designed such that the cap always falls and aligns with the bottom half in the same way. The packaging looks and feels classic and elegant.

The shade is very aptly named as it has a pink undertone just like the hibiscus flower, and no unflattering orange tones. If you are not used to wearing such a strong colour, you can always apply a bit at the centre of the lips and then blend it out with your fingertip for a sheer tint of colour. For a very clean well-defined outline, it is best to use this together with a lipliner and apply with a lipbrush but I'm usually too lazy to bother using both.

Here's the ingredients list. This is made in Italy.


Annie said...

Hi Haru. I was just reading you entry about the magazines. Do you get them shipped to you or do you pick it up at the bookstore? Because I really want some of the freebies but I don't know where to purchase the magazines. My email address is

M. said...

This is a perfect red! Really hope the line launches in Singapore.

cewek said...

I love that colour! Can't to get to Hongkers to check it out! Is it just available at Faces or is it also available in department stores?

Haru said...

hi Annie,
I buy the magazines at the Kinokuniya bookstore in Singapore. Amazon Japan ships internationally but their shipping costs are horribly expensive. You can try YesAsia. If you are in the US, there are probably a number of Japanese bookstores that can ship to where you are.

Haru said...

hi cewek,
I don't know how many counters Burberry has in Hong Kong. The only one I know of is Faces in TST.

AhCapp said...

Hi Iris,

What a red lippie. =) Looks great on you!

Burberry is supposed to be launched in Lane Crawford in HK, but so far, no news yet. So looks like only Faces at TST has it.


shopaholic said...

faces is owned by lane crawford