Saturday, 2 October 2010

Depotting NARS Blushes

The rubber compact of my NARS Mounia blush, which I had purchased last year, started to get icky and sticky so I decided that it was time for another round of depotting of my NARS blushes. In case you're not familiar with NARS packaging, the black rubber compacts do not last well in Singapore's weather and become horribly sticky with time so I usually end up depotting the blushes and eyeshadows. This time, I decided to shell out S$25 for a MAC 15-pan eyeshadow palette case.

It was a bit tricky getting the plastic insert out. I inserted a nail file into the gap between the insert and the case.

Finally, one corner popped up and from there, it was much easier to get the rest of the insert out.

I think the edges of the insert actually break off so if you want to put it back in, it may not hold securely.

To depot the NARS blushes, I hold the compact over a candle for about a minute, and then slide the nail file into the gap between the plastic insert and the rubber compact. Then I use the nail file to lever the plastic insert (with the blush pan) out of the compact. Next, I hold the plastic insert over the flame and soften one of the edges before inserting the nail file to lever the blush pan out.

However, after struggling to get the plastic insert out of one of the rubber compacts, I realised that it was faster to skip the part where I try to get the plastic insert out of the compact. Instead, after warming up the bottom of the rubber compact (which also helps to soften the glue holding the blush pan in the plastic insert), I held the compact's catch part (where there is no thick rubber edge) over the flame. Once that part of the black plastic insert becomes softened, I can insert the nail file into the gap between the black plastic insert and the blush pan, and lift out the blush pan.

If you are doing this for the first time, always start with a blush that you do not mind damaging as it does take a bit of practice to get the hang of the process. While lifting out my Mounia blush pan, some cracks appeared on the blush but fortunately, none of it actually broke off and fell out. I laid a piece of tissue paper over the blush and pressed it down gently.

And voila! The blushes in the top row are (from left) Mounia, Orgasm, Super Orgasm and Gilda. In the bottom row are Madly, Taos and Exhibit A. To fill up some of the remaining space, I put in the Cleo eyeshadow duo. The gluey residue on the botton of the blush pans helps to hold them in place inside the MAC case but it's not firmly secure so this is definitely not a palette that I can bring with me on trips.

These go in the trash!


galpal.hi said...

Thank you for the depotting tutorial!


Anonymous said...

For my NARS blush, i just wrap those fat transparent postal scotchtape all around ... ugly but at least not sticky :P


Anonymous said...

I love your nars blush collection. Would you mind to do a series of lotd with your collection?? Especially exhibit a which looks so interesting!!

shukumei said...

I covered my sticky palettes with clear nail polish. So far so good... hope it lasts...

Fay. H. said...

Oh I have a NARS blush case turning sticky like that too! Thank you for the tutorial! Now I don't have to worry about the case's pitiful state!

Kas said...

I really wouldnt dare depot my nars blushes for fearthat I might crack them! I cracekd my clarins eyeshadows quite badly the last time I did non-MAC depotting :(

Cello2glamour said...

I have never had my packaging get sticky... it get's a little dirty but that always comes off with rubbing Alchol. Maybe living in a colder climate has somthing to do with it. I think nars should offer pro pans, like Mac. We spend the high prize tag so we shouldn't have to buy the packaging if we are just going to put them in a pallet, anyways.