Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Maquillage Website Update

The Maquillage website has been updated with the new Spring/Summer '08 base makeup collection, including the two new TV commercial in the CM section.

The Climax Lasting Liquid UV Foundation SPF28 PA++ is for ladies who want a long-lasting foundation with a light, non-greasy texture while the Climax Lasting Powdery UV Foundation SPF25 PA++ is a two-way powder foundation (i.e. it can be applied either wet or dry) for ladies who want a long-lasting foundation that provides good coverage of pores and makes skin look more luminous and healthy. The Climax Water Compact UV Foundation SPF24 PA++ is a cream-to-powder foundation that can be applied with either a wet or dry sponge and it is meant for ladies who want a velvety, smooth finish and good coverage of pores. The Climax Lasting Gel UV Foundation SPF24 PA++ is a gel-liquid foundation for ladies who want a more glowy, luminous look.


Anonymous said...

i'm wondering if the climax lasting gel is light or full coverage? i'm thinking of purchasing a japanese foundation for coverage that isn't like "i know you're wearing foundation" look. would you recommend maquillage or another brand like coffret d'or?

Haru said...

Hi Millie!

According to the reviews on Cosme.net, Climax Lasting Gel is more light to medium coverage as some reviewers found the level of coverage to be inadequate or too sheer. Some also commented that it did not last well and made them look like they were obviously wearing makeup. The overall star rating is not good, only 3.3 stars. The reviews for the Autumn/Winter version, Climax Moisture Gel, were better with the overall rating at 4.2 stars.

The overall rating for Coffret D'Or Beauty Lasting Liquid UV Foundation is 4 stars with several reviewers praising its natural look and good coverage. So it sounds like Coffret D'Or may be more suitable for you compared to Maquillage. I haven't tried either brands personally so I can't make a definitive recommendation. Good luck!