Tuesday 31 May 2011

RMK Extra Deep W Mascara and Ingenious Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner

Recently, I received the RMK Extra Deep W Mascara 01 Black and Ingenious Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner 01 Black to review. I had the opportunity to test both earlier at the RMK workshop by Mr Kosuke Wada and since receiving them, I've been wearing both pretty much every day for the past couple of weeks.

The Extra Deep W Mascara (S$63; 3g) is a waterproof mascara and base duo. RMK's recommended method of application is to apply the mascara first, and then brush on the base side and finish by applying the mascara again.

The base is infused with fibres for greater lengthening and volumising effect.

The jet black mascara applies very smoothly and builds length and definition easily with a few strokes but it doesn't add that much volume. I find that it is excellent at keeping the lashes curled and lifted throughout the day for that wide-awake look. The consistency is not too wet and slick but not overly dry either. I also like the fact that the brush comes out of the tube with just the right amount of mascara and zero clumps. The two pics below were taken after applying only the mascara.

After applying the base (pics below), the lashes look thicker and slightly longer but the fibres also make it more prone to clumping, especially at the tips of the lashes. One plus point is that the fibres don't drop and irritate my eyes, like Majolica Majorca's mascaras do. Overall, I like the mascara more than the base. There was no smudging or flaking over several hours of wear. At S$63 (or 4200yen in Japan; £23.50 in the UK/ASOS), it's probably too pricey an investment for many ladies, considering that there is no shortage of much more affordable options. Nevertheless, it can be a nice splurge once in a while as it's great at keeping the lashes curled, defined and lifted.

At the RMK workshop, Mr Wada had recommended applying the Ingenious Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner along the waterline of the upper eyelid, filling in the gaps between the lash roots for a simple, defined look (see pic below). While I find the Pencil Eyeliner to be good for use along the waterline, it drags against the skin when I try to use it to line the upper eyelid from above the lash roots. Hence, I still prefer using liquid eyeliner when lining from above the lash roots as liquid eyeliner is gentler on the delicate eye area and doesn't drag like most pencil eyeliners do.

The Pencil Eyeliner comes with a smudger and sharpener built into the other end.

For this look, I also used Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation #51, Correcting Concealer #51 and Foundation T51 (loose powder), Lancome Color Focus Palette 321 Greta Purple over Benefit Stay Don't Stray, Anna Sui Lip Gloss C #306 and K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 02.

Monday 30 May 2011

Lunasol Fall 2011

According to a Frau editor, Lunasol's fall makeup collection theme is "Light and Shadow Purification" (光と影浄化). Instead of the usual eyeshadow quads, the five new Three Dimensional Eyes palettes will each include 8 shades.

You can see more photos on this Japanese blog.

Due to be released on 19 August in Japan, the colletion also includes limited edition false eyelashes, Lunasol's first eyelash curler, and a concealer palette that includes a powder. In September, Lunasol will launch a mask that is meant to be used before applying makeup.

Sightings at Changi Airport Dutyfree

Bath & Body Works skincare and fragrances are now available at Changi Airport Terminal 2 dutyfree. The scents available include Japanese Cherry Blossom, Sweet Pea, Black Amethyst, Moonlight Path and Twilight Woods.

The prices are a bit marked up, compared to the US, especially since BBW often has sales. For example, the body lotions are S$18, versus US$10.50 in the US; the fragrance mists are S$21 versus US$12 in the US; and the EDTs are S$52 versus US$29.50.

The gift with purchase of S$250 of Guerlain products, including a Rouge Automatique lipstick, is a mini Rouge Automatique and a Guerlain tote. The Rouge Automatiques are around S$45 in dutyfree, versus S$50 in town.

The Shu Uemura UV Under Base in both Beige and Pink are also still available in sets of two for just S$99. Compared to the usual retail price of S$78 for one in town, it's a good deal but each set consists of only one shade. The BB Beige is not available.

Saturday 28 May 2011

Magnum Double Caramel

Would you like to enter the Magnum Pleasure Palace where a day without pleasure is a day lost?

Luxuriate in the chocolate-scented suite...

Inside the safe: a treasure hoard of the new Magnum Double Caramel.

The DJ spins your favourite tunes while the personal chef prepares a molecular gastronomy delight of Magnum Raspberry Bolognaise.

And oh yes, there may just be a hunk awaiting you in the bubble-filled tub...

But most of the guests seem to prefer licking down the new Magnum Double Caramel instead. Not surprising as it is a sinfully rich confection of vanilla ice cream double-dipped in seductive Magnum chocolate with a layer of caramel in between the chocolate.

With Kas, Chantana and Sara.

Together with Anita Kapoor.

To stand a chance to win a trip to Hong Kong or Bangkok as well as Mandarin Shopping Gallery vouchers, simply visit the Magnum Pleasure Suite in front of Mandarin Gallery, count the number of double pleasure items and enter your answer on their Facebook page.

The contest deadline has been extended to 5 June. Good luck!

Guerlain Rouge Automatique at Tangs

Chanced across this lovely display of vintage Guerlain ad visuals at Tangs Orchard, in conjunction with the launch of the new Rouge Automatique lipsticks.

In 1870, Guerlain introduced the first lipstick in bullet form. This was also the first tube packaging in the history of modern makeup.

The tassled Rouge d'Enfer from 1924.

The original Rouge Automatique launched in 1930 allowed women to apply lipstick with one hand thanks to its unique mechanism that allowed one to uncover and push up the lipstick with a simple push of the sliding button.

More modern interpretations include Rouge Bicolore from 1986 and Kiss Kiss in the 1990s.

The Guerlain team will be doing makeovers this weekend at Tangs Orchard. Maxime Poulin, Guerlain's makeup artist from Paris, will be appearing at the launch parties at Tangs at 5pm today and tomorrow.