Monday 30 April 2007

Tarte Ready, Set, Glow

Another winning set from the awesome ladies at Tarte! The Ready, Set, Glow 5-piece Brightening Collection is exclusive to at the great price of US$45 (retail value US$77) for a mini Tipsy cheekstain, full size Elle & Emmett double-ended lipgloss, full size Rest Assured highlighting pencil with brightening cream, mini Sugar Daddy glistening powder in champagne and a full size Park Avenue Princess bronzer.

If you're new to the Tarte line, QVC is a great place to score some awesome deals such as the Tarte Intro to Beauty 5-piece Best Sellers Discovery Kit, Stay All Day set, Spring Fever 5-piece Trend Kit, Vitamin Infused Lipgloss Trio powered by Borba, Lip Locked Lipgloss Trio, All Eyes Complete Look Eye Palette with Brushes and the Little Black Dress palette with 2 brushes.

Susie NY Contrast Blusher

The Susie NY website has been updated with the new nailpolish range. The new nailpolish formula is supposed to have improved shine and durability by 120%. I also picked up two of the Contrast Blushers today, #3 Pink and #4 Rose. What I liked about these blushes are that the middle and darkest shades are matte while the lightest shade is shimmery which means that you have the options of either a velvety matte finish or a more glowy finish depending on whether you choose to use the highlighter shade. The accompanying brush feels quite soft and does a decent job.

Sunday 29 April 2007

Jill Stuart summer collection

Found these pics of the upcoming JS summer collection from Yahoo Japan auctions. The items featured are as below:

(1st photo)
Jelly Eye Coor #18 Ice Blonde
Brilliance Eyes #5 Mauve Pearl
Nail Color #36 Sweet Pink
Nail Color #37 Peach Cream
Berry Scrub

(2nd photo)
Pore Solid Essence
Extra Curl Mascara Waterproof
Jelly Eye Color #19 Amethyst Mauve
Nail Color #38 Ivory Frost
Nail Color #39 Ruby Spark
Nail Color #40 Gold Glaze

Majolica Majorca Autumn collection news

Details of the next MM collection due out on 21 July in Japan.

Lash Expander Neo - revamped version of Lash Expander for a greater lengthening effect. This is a fibre-based mascara.

Lash Bond - mascara base

Jewelling Pencil - shimmery eyeliner pencil

Rouge Majex - liquid rouge

Majo Kiss - menthol lip cream

Love Clover Marshmallow Fit Foundation N

Love Clover's new Marshmallow Fit Foundation N (2415yen for 30g, SPF24 and PA++) will debut in Japan on 7 June. It comes in a pump bottle, which is a good improvement over the previous packaging of Marshmallow Fit Foundation which was an open-mouth bottle that inevitably got very messy. However, the shade selection is still extremely limited with only 3 shades available.

Jill Stuart Blushes

Got a chance to take photos of a few more of the Jill Stuart blushes so thought I'd just post them here for easier viewing. According to the SA, the most popular shade is #1 Shy Pink but personally I prefer #8 Aurora Rosa which is a more vibrant pink. #4 Rose Shadow looks like a dull slightly muddy colour in the pot but when applied, it's a natural tan blush that is neither red/pink nor muddy.

Saturday 28 April 2007

Lavshuca Eyecolor Select & Jewel Lip

Couldn't resist picking up this Lavshuca Eyecolor Select BU-1 (a gorgeous combination of metallic dove grey, light periwinkle blue, baby blue and light metallic blue) and Jewel Lip (mini lipstick) PK1 set today which came with a free Lavshuca heart-shaped mousepad. There was also another set with the BR1 palette and Jewel Lip BE2. These are the shades that are used on the two spokesmodels in the promo images. I love collecting the promotional freebies that Lavshuca always comes out with!

Friday 27 April 2007

Excel Gradation Cheeks

Today, I'll like to introduce another great blush series, Excel's Gradation Cheeks (1890yen). My longstanding MU addiction was eyeshadows but lately, I've been on a shimmery blush kick. The great thing about Excel's blushes is the superb silky texture with a very fine pearlescent shimmer that more than makes up for the ugly gold plastic packaging. The texture is most similar to Gransenbon and Nars blushes except that you get 4 shades in each Excel Gradation Cheek, that gives you more options in terms of blending and highlighting. The case includes with a soft brush that is quite handy and does a good job. There are currently 5 shades in the series:

G1: Rose Pink (rosy pink)
G2: Strawberry Pink (blue-based light to medium baby pink)
G3: Honey Orange (beige and nude)
G4: Chocolate Brown (beige and rosy browns)
G5: Apricot Peach (peachy coral)

The shades are all very wearable and flattering on my MAC NC20 skintone. G3 does not show up as well (except for the shimmer) as the rest but that's only to be expected since the shades in it are nude/beige tones. G5 was just released last week in Japan. There is also a Gradation Powder GP1 which comes in the same case with various shades of white and pinkish white that can be used as an all-over highlighter. Excel is made by SANA. Excel's Spring Powder Curler (840yen) with a 39mm rim is also one of the top-selling eyelash curlers in Japan.

Wednesday 25 April 2007

Majolica Majorca website update

The MM official website has been updated with the new Splashing Blue collection! Do check it out :-)

Monday 23 April 2007

Lavshuca Jewel Lips

Did some swatches of the new shades of Lavshuca's mini lipstick, Jewel Lips (1050yen). These just arrived in stores over the weekend although the official release date was supposed to be 1 May. A couple of the swatches are unlabelled because I forgot which shades they were! I didn't manage to do all 22 shades because (a) I ran out of space on my hand and (b) some of the testers were in too gross a condition that I didn't even want to touch them! I never understand why anyone dares to apply lipstick testers directly to their lips in the stores. The Japanese are supposed to be super hygiene freaks but I've lost count of the number of Japanese women that I've seen applying mascara or lipstick directly to their lashes/lips in the stores. Huge ick factor...

The Jewel lips have a sheer, glossy consistency that can be layered for greater intensity. But I think the photos of the models on the official website are somewhat misleading as you're not going to get that opaque creamy finish like what you see on the models' lips. Still, these are quite worthwhile checking out if you prefer lightweight, glossy lipsticks. Especially for people like me who find it hard to finish a tube of lipstick, these mini lipsticks are an affordable option for trying out new shades.

Jill Stuart Summer collection

Finally, a pic of the Jill Stuart summer collection due out in Japan on 1 June! The pic is from the June '07 issue of Maquia. The Brilliance Eyes #5 palette, as mentioned in my earlier post, and the 5 new shades of nail polish will be limited edition but the rest of the collection including 2 new Lip Lustres and 2 new Eye Jellies will be permanent. The Brilliance Eyes #5 look like quite an unusual combination of colours for Jill Stuart. Looking forward to adding it to my collection in June :-)

Voce June 2007

The June 2007 issue of Voce was just published today in Japan and it comes with 2 small tubes of RMK's Gloss Lips in #10 Holographic Orange, a coral orange with gold shimmer, and #18 Sheer Pink, a super sparkley baby pink, as part of a promotion for RMK's 10th anniversary. They are 6g each. Definitely one of the best GWPs that Voce has ever offered! Unfortunately the rest of the magazine is not that interesting, as they did not publish a comprehensive catalog of the new summer collections as they usually do for spring and fall. The new issue of Maquia has several pages devoted to the summer collections but only for 29 brands. The new issue of Maquia comes with a DVD for facial exercises and samples of Pond's Lifting Face Cream Cleansing and Facial Foam. The same DVD set + Ponds' samples will be included in the July issue of Voce. I haven't seen Biteki yet but hopefully it will be better.

Sunday 22 April 2007 Spring Products Pt.3

Part 3 of's new spring products ranking which focuses on the lip category as broken down by price range.

Under 1000yen:
1. Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss (4.7 stars)
2. Agnes B. Nude Ponpon Lipgloss (5.8 stars)
3. House of Rose Classic Pooh Sweet Nectar Lipgloss (5 stars)

1. Lavshuca Gloss Stick (4.6 stars)
2. Kiss Dessert Chocolips (4.5 stars)
草花木果 lipstick (4.7 stars)

1. Anna Sui Sui Lip Gloss (5.4 stars)
2. Cosme Decorte Lipgloss Perfect (5.6 stars)
3. Ayura Aqua Fix Gloss (5.1 stars)

1. RMK W Lip & Gloss (5.3 stars)
2. Lunasol Skin Modelling Lips (4.8 stars)
3. Aube Aqua Rouge Dress (4.6 stars)

1. Lancome Plump Secret (4.4 stars)

For glossy shine:
1. Esprique Precious Rouge Stylish Liquid Type (5.6 stars)
2. Anna Sui Sui Lip Gloss (5.4 stars)
3. Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss (4.7 stars)

For moisturising:
1. Esprique Precious Rouge Stylish Liquid Type (5.6 stars)
2. RMK W Lip & Gloss (5.3 stars)
3. Maquillage Sheer Climax Rouge (4.4 stars)

Saturday 21 April 2007

Majolica Majorca Splashing Blue Catalog

Scans of the MM Splashing Blue collection catalog that were posted on 2Channel.

Lavshuca site update

The Lavshuca website has been updated with the new summer collection. The spokesmodels are still Puffy (a Japanese music duo). To recap, the new collection has:
4 new shades of Cheek Color in PK1, RD1, RD2 and OR1 (945yen)
11 new shades of the mini lipstick Jewel Lips (1050yen)
2 new shades of Jelly Pot Eye Color in BR1 and SV1 (1470yen)
3 new shades of Nail Color in PK5, PK6 and SV1 (630yen)

The new Jewel Lips shades have interesting names based on minerals:
PK3 Incarose Garden (soft frost pink)
PK4 Tourmaline Lovers (cute doll pink)
PK5 Redberyl Fever
PK6 Morganite Morning (glowy soft pink)
PK7 Axinite Vanity (natural, healthy pink lemonade)
RS4 Elestial Tango (cool rose)
RD2 Spicy Spinel (passionate spicy red)
RD3 Rubelite Lies (mysterious warm red)
BR2 Tigereye Wink (cinnamon brown)
BE3 Citrine Beach (sand beige)
BE4 Labradite Sleep (chic beige)

Like Majolica Majorca, Lavshuca often discontinues products with the release of a new collection. The following have been discontinued:
Jelly Pot Eye Color: PK2, PU1
Nail Color: WN1, BE1, WT1

For the models' new looks in the "Makeup" section, here's the breakdown of the products.
For the model on the left:
Eyes: Eye Color Select BR1, Eyeliner Pencil BK1, Mascara Base, Perfect Mascara (Long)
Face: Perfect base (Moist), Stick Concealer (Light Beige), Liquid Foundation Ochre B, Face Powder (Lucent), Cheek Color (OR1)
Lips: Jewel Lips BE3

For the model on the right:

Eyes: Eye Color Select BU1, Eyeliner Pencil BK1, Mascara Base, Perfect Mascara (Volume)

Face: Perfect base (UV), Stick Concealer (Light Beige), Liquid Foundation Ochre B, Face Powder (Lucent), Cheek Color (PK1)

Lips: Jewel Lips PK7

Thursday 19 April 2007

Majolica Majorca Splashing Blue

This is MM's summer collection, just out in stores in Tokyo today although the official release date was supposed to be this Saturday. There are also a few nailpolishes in the collection but I didn't get those today.

Frozen Splash Eyes (cream eyeshadows) in 6 shades, 840yen each, 4g. These are very shimmery and dry down quite nicely with a texture and shade selection that is almost identical to Pied Nus' Sparkling Eyes as you can see in the photo of the swatches where I swatched some PN Sparkling Eyes besides the Frozen Splash Eyes. I guess that's not surprising since both PN and MM are made by Shiseido but still I can't help but think that it's just lazy that the creators at MM don't even bother to come up with more unique shades rather than just rehash what has already been done before. These are still an affordable, good buy as the texture is actually quite good, smooth without being oily, spreads evenly and dries down nicely to a sparkley finish that is just as shimmery as PN Sparkling Eyes. The packaging does feel much cheaper than PN Sparkling Eyes which comes in a heavy glass pot. The Frozen Splash Eyes are packaged in a small, light plastic pot which is convenient for travel. The texture is also similar to that of Shiseido The Makeup Hydropowder Eyes but I think Shiseido The Makeup has more vibrant shades. The Frozen Splash Eyes series come in mostly cool icy shades. The most appealing colours are GR782 (light green that has less teal tones than the PN version) and BL213 (light metallic blue). The GD shade is also quite lovely but the YE is just too yellow. The good news is that these are permanent.

Neo Automatic Eyeliners in #34 (icy blue-tinted white) and BL444 (vibrant royal blue) and Lash Expander and Lash Enamel Glamour in bright blue. These four items are limited edition and cost 1260yen each. Lash Expander is a fibre-based lengthening waterproof mascara while Lash Enamel Glamour is a non-fibre based volumising waterproof mascara. If you have fragile or sparse lashes, I would not recommend these mascaras as they can be quite hard to remove even with a cleansing oil. I had to literally scratch them off the back of my hand as massaging it with just the cleansing oil was not enough.

Aube Loose & Line Eyes

Aube will be releasing this Loose & Line Eyes series in late June. Each has a loose powder eyeshadow and a liquid eyeliner. The shades available are:

Khaki eyeshadow x silver grey eyeliner
Lavender x mauve eyeliner
Beige eyeshadow x brown eyeliner
White eyeshadow x gold eyeliner
Blue eyeshadow x navy eyeliner
Pink eyeshadow x bordeaux eyeliner

Wednesday 18 April 2007

Jill Stuart pics and news

The Jill Stuart counter called me today to say that the Brilliance Eyes palettes were finally back in stock so I dropped by to pick up some for CPs. Also picked up the powder foundation GWP set in #101, the lightest shade, blushes #4 Rose Shadow and #7 Glowing Red and Brilliance Eyes 3 Amber Glaze. The powder foundation set includes the foundation, the new Day Care Essence SFP30 and deluxe samples sizes of their cleansing oil and cream wash. #7 Glowing Red is a light cherry shade, less pink toned than #8 Aurora Rosa while #4 is a muted greyed rose. Both apply semi-matte with hardly visible shimmer. The powder foundation has visible shimmers when you look at it in the pan but these are not that obvious when applied.

Also got news on the upcoming summer collection from the very friendly SA. The collection will be released in early June. The good news is that there is a new Brilliance Eyes palette in white, pink, blue and black and the bad news is that it will be limited edition. There will also be two permanent new shades of Eye Jellies in white and khaki (similar to the limited edition version from Summer '06 but more red-toned), new shades of Lip Lustres and nail polishes as well as nail seals. The Brilliance Eyes palette will probably be the most sought after as it is limited edition and JS LE items have an annoying tendency to sell out on the first day of release. So I will say here first that I am NOT doing CPs for this palette as they will be next to impossible to obtain. So please do not PM me to CP it. If I do get extra palettes, I will probably only have enough for a few close friends as the counters here do not allow customers to buy more than one per person and there are only so many Jill Stuart counters that I can go to.

Tuesday 17 April 2007

Gransenbon Gran de Eyes

Picked up some Gransenbon Gran de Eyes palettes yesterday. From left to right are #2 Golden Glace, #14 Maple Berry and #8 Mermaid Kiss. #8 was actually discontinued sometime ago but it is quite similar to the new #17 Glamorous Love. I'm also lemming #1 Urban Rose, a very pretty berry-toned palette, but as it was out of stock, I'll have to get it another day.

These palettes are tiny! But I like how compact and portable they are. They are about the same size as a Kiss palette but in a much more elegant case with a pink metal lid. The texture and colour payoff is also very similar to the Kiss palettes except that all the shades in the Gransenbon palettes are powder eyeshadows. Each palette comes with a double-ended sponge-tip applicator. I've found that these sponge tip applicators look flimsy but they are actually much better than brushes for applying these eyeshadows as they help to 'pack on' the colour for greater intensity whereas if I use a brush, I need to apply several layers to get the same level of intensity. The colour combinations are pretty, feminine shades that complement one another well. These are 1680yen each, which is not too bad as it comes up to still less than the price of one MAC eyeshadow :-)

Monday 16 April 2007

Stila Summer collection

Stila's summer collection is up on Doesn't look that exciting to me, but Stila's summer collections are usually a miss for me anyway. Descriptions and pics are from

Summer Eyeshadow Trio, US$32 each.
Limited edition eyeshadow palettes pressed with an exotic sundial design reminiscent of a stylish getaway on the Mexican Riviera. The shades in each palette are festive and sparkle with warmth on the skin. A delicious complement to the sun-bleached sands and deep blue waters of your favorite tropical paradise, the shades are easy to wear and blend down to a very sheer, soft look. Each palette comes complete with base, crease, and liner shades.
Acapulco (shimmering light gold/ vibrant golden green shimmer/ deep bronze)
Mazatlan (light golden tan/ bronze/ deep bronze)
Vallarta (shimmering pearl/ rose nude shimmer/ muted burgundy shimmmer)

Sun Shimmer Dry Oil
A shimmering dry oil mist for the body that's a must-have for a day at the beach, a tropical holiday, or just about anytime your skin is going to take center stage! What it is formulated to do:Adds a gorgeous natural looking tint with a hint of shimmer. Formula contains macadamia and jojoba nut, plus sandalwood and barley extracts for fabulous moisturization. 3.4 oz for US$26.

Maquillage Double Shiny Eyes review

Sorry for the delay in new posts as over the weekend, I've been hooked on watching Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica, which is simply one of the smartest, funniest and thrilling shows I've seen this year. That and I was inundated with CPs over the weekend...still figuring how to lug 14 huge packages to the post office tomorrow. But I did manage to get swatches of Maquillage's new Double Shiny Eyes. From left to right in the photo are SV867, GR166, PK763, BE361, GD861, BL165 and VI164. All of them are shiny, icy cool metallic colours. The consistency is identical to Pied Nus Sparkling Eyes, feels like a firm cream in the pot, spreads very smoothly and evenly. It dries down to a sleek, non-gritty finish. The only drawback is that the Highlight Colours are too similar to one another (in the bottom row of the pic under their corresponding Shadow Colours), which makes them redundant if you buy more than one of these. To be honest, I prefer Visee's Aqua Shining Eyes in terms of both the shade selection, packaging and texture. Aqua Shining Eyes is also more affordable at about 2/3 the price of Double Shiny Eyes after the drugstore discount of 25% in Japan for Visee (Maquillage is not discounted).

What I really liked though was the new limited edition Shining Design Powder that I had posted about earlier. If you're looking for an illuminating bronzer or highlighter for a healthy sunkissed glow, this is definitely worth checking out. The powder is extremely silky and velvety to touch with a fine shimmer and no loud glitter. All four shades are gorgeous and flattering, not too warm or dark but also not frosty. Unfortunately, it's not that cheap at 2625yen for the refill and 1050yen for the case.

Saturday 14 April 2007

Tarte Summer collection

Tarte's summer collection is up on! It includes:

1. Sunglosses (US$30): set of three shimmery double-ended lipglosses in a waterproof denim case. Shades include Gidget & Moondoggie (pale pink/shimmering sand), Frankie & Annette (coral pink/watermelon), and Zack & Kelly (peachy pink/cotton candy). This set is incredible value for money as Tarte lipglosses usually retail for US$21 each. I'm definitely getting this set :-)

2. Light, Camera, Splashes! (US$18): a waterproof lenthening and thickening mascara in a denim tube

3. Sunburst Body Beaded Bronzing Lotion with Self-Tanner (US$39): a moisturising bronzer with self-tanner.

4. Lock & Roll Eye Shadow Duo set (US$28): a set of dual-ended cream and loose eyeshadow wands in golden bronze shimmer and pale sage shimmer.

I was disappointed that Tarte did not release a larger eyeshadow palette but nevertheless, the collection is still worth checking out. Just to add, another must-have Tarte product currently available only on is the Lovin' The Fast Stain set which includes True Love Cheek Stain (sheer watermelon red) and a mini Rise & Shine Plumping Lip Stain in Cherry (sheer red) (US$30). True Love is my favourite Tarte cheek stain after Flush.

Thursday 12 April 2007

Bihada Ichizoku

If you've shopped at drugstores in Japan, there is a very high likelihood that you would have seen the Bihada Ichizoku line of face masks and skincare. It's a popular brand made by Labo Labo with packaging that features characters from a popular serial novel. Here's an article on the origin of the brand:

The current line-up includes the following items. I've also included their average star rating on @Cosme. Each sheet mask contains 27ml of moisturiser.

1. Sheet Mask (pink packaging) 450yen for one sheet, or 1890yen for pack of 4: for more translucent, glowy skin. Contains pearl and seaweed extracts. (4.1 stars)

2. Sheet Mask RM (purple packaging): For dry skin. Contains trehalose, hyaluronic acid and cactus extract. (4.7 stars)

3. Sheet Mask SK (beige packaging): For deep moisturising and countering skin discolourations. Contains birch extract and alpha arbutin for whitening. (4.2 stars)

4. Milky Bath 180yen (4.3 stars): has a rose fragrance, hyaluronic acid and collagen

5. Hot Bath 180yen (5.3 stars): Supposedly improves your skin by making you sweat!

6. Clear Gel 1890yen (4 stars): for exfoliating

7. Cream 2100yen (4.6 stars): Described as an "aqua gel", this is a moisturiser in a gel formula. Contains egg protein, pearl extract. On this webpage, just scroll down to the middle to see what it looks like upon application.

Stella McCartney Sheer EDT

My current fragrance lemming! Stella McCartney Sheer eau de toilette spray (US$52 for 3.4oz on Sephora, 8190yen for 100ml in Japan) with notes of lemon, green apple, celestial rose and amber. To be released 3 May in Japan. Spring Products Ranking Pt.2 has published the second part of their new spring products ranking. Part 2 focuses on eyeshadows as ranked by different age groups. I've included the average star rating for each product. Reviewers can award between 1 to 7 stars.

For teens:
Kate Glam Trick Eyes (4.8 stars)
Aube Jewellery Shower Eyes (4.9 stars)
Maquillage Clean Contrast Eyes (4.8 stars)
Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes (5.3 stars)

For ladies in their 20s:
Lunasol Skin Modelling Eyes (5.6 stars)
Esprique Precious Light On Eyes (4.9stars)
Dior single eyeshadow (4.6 stars)
Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes (5.3 stars)

For ladies in their 30s:
Lunasol Skin Modelling Eyes (5.6 stars)
Testimo Frame Impact Eyes (4.6 stars)
Kate Glam Trick Eyes (4.8 stars)

For ladies in their 40s:
Esprique Precious Light On Eyes (4.9stars)
Lunasol Skin Modelling Eyes (5.6 stars)
Aube Jewellery Shower Eyes (4.9 stars)

The palettes are also ranked in terms of how shimmery and pigmented they are:

For a shimmery effect

#1 Lunasol Skin Modelling Eyes (5.6 stars)
#2 Aube Jewellery Shower Eyes (4.9 stars)
#3 Esprique Precious Light On Eyes (4.9stars)

In terms of intensity of colour:

#1 Aube Jewellery Shower Eyes (4.9 stars)
#2 Kate Glam Trick Eyes (4.8 stars)
#3 Testimo Frame Impact Eyes (4.6 stars)

Maquillage summer collection

Found this lovely photo of Maquillage's forthcoming summer collection (details in my earlier post). The theme is "Cool Sunshine Makeup", the idea being to create a fresh, glowy and cool look even in the summer heat.

Clinique White in Bloom

I don't usually pay much attention to Clinique but this is an unusual collection by Clinique. It is quite rare to see white as the color theme for a collection. It's due out in Japan on 25 May.

Glosswear Sheer Shimmer #337 Camisole Shimmer, 2100yen.

Blushing Blush in #3 Snow Flake, 3675yen.

Shimmering Tone Powder in #1 Shimmering White, 3990yen.

Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad #113 Prism White (in pearlescent purple, gold, green and pink), 4725yen

Ipsa Summer collection

Ipsa's summer collection due out in Japan on 25 May.

Face Color in L6 Pink, L7 Orange, N7 Pastel Green, N8 Pastel Yellow, N9 Pastel Blue, N10 Pastel Pink, N11 Purple, N12 Silver, N13 Gold, N14 Brown and N15 Green. 2100yen.

Eye Crayon S1 (chic black), L1 (rich pearly pink), L2 (exotic red), N1 (pearly rich gold), N2 (cool silver) and N3 (soft blue). 2100yen.

Creamy Eyecolor in N1 (sexy gold) and N2 (cool silver), 2625yen

Pure Lip Veil in S1 (natural brown), L1 (girlish pink) and L2 (clear red), 2625yen.