Thursday 25 May 2017

YSL Fall 2017

Here's a sneak preview of the YSL Fall 2017 collection launching on 28 July in Japan. The collection pays homage to Studio 54 of the 1970s, with holographic and glittery shades. The star product is a 10-shade eye and lip palette. Pics by Maquia.

K-Palette One Day Tattoo Lasting Cheek Tint

K-Palette is expanding its popular One Day Tattoo brand with these new Lasting Cheek Tints (1200yen) in orange, peach and rose. They are waterproof cream blushes with a non-oily texture, reacting with the skin's moisture level to produce a natural-looking, translucent flush that lasts all day. It also contains skin beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, squalene and water-soluble collagen. This is already on sale. Pics below by Maquia.

Paul & Joe Fall 2017

Paul & Joe will release its Fall 2017 collection on 1 August in Japan. Pics below by Maquia.

1. Lipstick N: 25 shades in three textures of 'clear', 'natural' and 'full coverage'. (2000yen for refill)

2. Lipstick Treatment (1500yen for refill)

3. Lipstick Case N (1000yen)

4. Lipstick Case CS: 3 LE variations (1000yen)

5. Limited Lipstick Case: 2 variations (1500yen, LE)

6. Eye Color CS: 3 LE variations (3000yen)

7. Nail Polish: 3 LE shades (1600yen)

Pics below by Voce.

Pic below by Bea's Up.

Anna Sui Fall 2017

Here's a preview of the Anna Sui Fall 2017 Mysterious Fairytale collection launching on 26 July and 1 September in Japan. Pics by Biteki.

26 July
1. Makeup Palette #4 (1500yen, LE)
2. Makeup Palette Mini #3 (1200yen)
3. Eye Color X: 7 LE shades (1200yen)
4. Lip Color X: 5 LE shades (1200yen)
5. Lip Color Top Coat N (2000yen)

1 Sep
1. Powder Foundation M: 4 shades (3000yen for refill)
2. Makeup Compact Case #2 (1200yen)
3. Makeup Sponge (500yen)

Les Merveilleuses by Laduree Fall 2017

Les Merveilleuses by Laduree will launch its boudoir-themed Fall 2017 collection on 28 July in Japan. It includes:

1. Cream Cheek Base: 3 shades (4200yen)

2. Pressed Cheek Color N: 3 shades (5300yen)

3. Limited Cheek Brush with Case (6500yen; baby goat)

4. Treatment Rouge: 3 shades formulated with shea butter and almond oil (2500yen)

Pics by Biteki.

On 1 September, the brand will launch its new Liquid Foundation (3 shades, 4800yen), Shimmering Pressed Powder (LE with champagne gold pearl, 6000yen) and Rose Hand Treatment (2300yen).

Pics below by Abe Sawako.

Jill Stuart Fall 2017

Jill Stuart will release its pink-themed Fall 2017 collection on 4 August in Japan. It includes:

1. Lip Blossom: 22 shades of which 2 are LE (2800yen)

2. Ribbon Couture Eyes: 2 LE palettes (5000yen)

3. Blooming Dew Oil In Blush: 2 LE palettes (4500yen)

4. Nail Lacquer: 7 new shades (1500yen)

Pics by Biteki.

Three Fall 2017 Eye Love View

Three will launch its Fall 2017 collection, Eye Love View, on 9 August in Japan. Pics below by Osadanna.

The collection includes:

1. Captivating Performance Fluid Eyeliner (3300yen) in Real Black, Chic Brown, Dark Mauve, Greenish Ash and Sunny Copper (2 shades are LE).

2. Amplified Spectrum Lip Crayon: 3 LE shades (3000yen)

3. Nail Polish: 5 new shades (1800yen)

4. Shimmering Color Veil Statement: 4 new shades

5. Atmospheric Definition Mascara (3 shades)

Pic below by Voce.

Pic below by Biteki.

Thursday 11 May 2017

Jill Stuart Fresh Fruity Cocktail

Jill Stuart will release the following limited edition products on 7 July in Japan:

1. Fruits & Aroma Mist Refresh Oil Control F (2200yen, 60ml)
2. Smooth & Oil Control Essence (2800yen, 4g)
3. Fruity Fresh Scrub (2800yen, 125g)

Anna Sui Fall 2017

Here's a preview from Maquia of the Anna Sui Fall 2017 collection launching on 26 July in Japan. The Makeup Palette #4 will retail for 1500yen while the Makeup Palette Mini #3 will retail for 1200yen.

Shiseido Synchro Skin White Cushion Compact

Shiseido will launch its new Synchro Skin White Cushion Compact foundation on 1 June in Japan. Available in a paltry selection of just 4 shades (Ochre 10/20/30 and Pink Ochre 20), the refill will retail at 4300yen while the case is 1200yen. It has a semi-matte finish and is supposed to provide skin with a brighter, more translucent finish. Compared to last year's Synchro Skin Glow Cushion Compact which has only SPF23 PA++, Synchro Skin White has a higher sun protection rating of SPF40 PA+++ with ingredients such as 'brightening pigment R', pure white powder, 'time match powder' and oil-absorbing powder.

Pic below by Voce.

Wednesday 3 May 2017

Ettusais Summer 2017

Ettusais will release this limited edition trio of tinted Lip Essence Colour (1200yen) with SPF18 PA+++ on 13 July in Japan. Pics by Maquia.