Saturday 28 June 2014

Maquillage Fall 2014 Essence Glamorous Eyes

Maquillage will launch Essence Glamorous Eyes (2300yen, 4 shimmery LE shades) and Essence Glamorous Rouge Neo (2300yen, 2 new shades and 2 LE shades) on 21 July in Japan. See more pics here and here.

The two limited edition shades of Essence Glamorous Rouge Neo come in a special pink and gold packaging.

Benefique Theoty Eye Color Palette (Aurora Pearl)

Shiseido Benefique Theoty will introduce a new line of eyeshadow palettes on 21 August in Japan. There are five variations of the Eye Color Palette (4200yen) formulated with an 'aurora pearl'.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes Collection for Fall 2014

Bobbi Brown will launch a Smokey Nudes collection on 19 September in Japan. It includes a limited edition Shimmer Brick (5400yen), Smokey Eye Palette and lipsticks. Pic below from Eclat.

Pics below tweeted by Voce.

New powder foundation and 15 pastel eyeshadows which will be released on 5 September.

Pic below from Beautist.

See another pic here.

Sunday 22 June 2014

Paul & Joe Autumn Cinema Collection

Aside from the ten Lipstick CS cases and 13 lipsticks that Paul & Joe is introducing this autumn, there will also be three limited edition Compact Cases (£7) and Eye Color Trio Refills (£23) in Silver Screen, inspired by the silver-coated movie screens; Technicolor, offering vivid retro colours; and Le Film, containing elegant and feminine shades. See all the Compact Cases and trios here and here.

Due out on 1 September in the UK.

Addiction Tokyo Story Collection

Here are the official product visuals of the Addiction Tokyo Story collection, due out on 1 August in Japan.

From left to right: Eyeshadows in Spring Snow, Floating Weeds, Nou, Treasure Mountain

Equinox Flower, Late Spring, Pesos (?),

Blushes in Empire Passion (top) and Airy Summer (bottom)

Princess Gou (?) and Autumn Afternoon

Nail Polish in Doubles Side and Blue Moon

Liquid Eyeliner

Film Mascara Long and Separate

Liquid Eyebrow

See more pics on Kirei no Hone.

Three Fall 2014 Future Noir

Here are the official product visuals for the Three Future Noir collection, due out on 13 August in Japan.

Shadow Lining Perfomance Eyeliner: 5 shades of which 04 and 05 are LE. (2800yen)

Luscious Definition Mascara: 3 shades of which 03 is LE (3800yen)

Velvet Last Lipstick: 4 shades (3500yen)

Nail Polish: 4 shades of which 1 is LE (1800yen)

Refined Control Lip Pencil:3 shades (2500yen)

Saturday 21 June 2014

Les Merveilleuses by Laduree Fall 2014

Here are the official product visuals for the Les Merveilleuses by Laduree Fall 2014 collection due out on 5 September in Japan.

Face Color Duo (4800yen, LE)

Eye Color Trio 106 and 107 (5500yen, LE)

Touch Up Foundation (2800yen, 2 shades)

Pearl Treatment Serum (10000yen, 60ml)

Moisturising Lotion (5000yen, 200ml)

Sunday 15 June 2014

Maquillage Snow Beauty

Maquillage will release a limited edition Snow Beauty whitening face powder (25g, 6500yen) that is available by pre-order, similar to Kanebo's annual Milano Collection. Formulated with m-tranexamix acid and a half-translucent white powder for brightening the complexion, the floral-scented powder comes with two powder puffs, a slim one for day use as a brightening, finishing powder and a fluffier, soft one for night use as a skincare powder. It contains super hyaluronic acid for moisturising benefits.

Kate Fall 2014

Kate will release its Fall 2014 collection on 1 August in Japan. The star product is the new line of Brown Shade Eyes palettes (1600yen) in 6 variations. Each palette contains a 'nose shadow' shade for contouring.

BR-1 (Pearly): Shimmery brown
BR-2 (Skinny): Nude beige brown
BR-3 (Sepia): Elegant warm brown
BR-4 (Deep): Chic smoky brown
BR-5 (Glitter): Glamorous brown
BR-6 (Matte)

Pic below tweeted by Abe Sawako. See another pic here.

The pic below shows a comparison of two mannequins, one with contouring and the other without. Pics tweeted by Osadanna.

The other products include:

1. Flat Skin Base (15g, 1000yen)

2. Liquid Touch Pact foundation SPF20 PA++(11g, 6 shades, 2000yen; case 800yen)

3. W Wide Liner N: EX1 Natural Brown and EX2 Pearl Beige (1400yen)

4. Spotlighting Shadow (1600yen)

Saturday 14 June 2014

YSL Lumiere Passion Collection and Fusion Ink Foundation

In addition to the Leather Fetish collection due out on 1 August, YSL will release a Rose Lumiere collection on 25 September in Japan, which includes a new shade of its bestselling Touche Éclat in Or Rose. On 29 August comes a new Forever Youth Liberator Y Shape Serum (18000yen) plus a limited edition massage roller (5500yen). Pics below tweeted by Osadanna.

Another tempting new product is the Fusion Ink Foundation, also called Le Teint Encre de Peau, which will be released this autumn. It is supposed to be extremely lightweight and longlasting with a natural-looking mattifying effect. Read an interview with YSL Creative Director Lloyd Simmond about Fusion Ink here. Pic below from lavieenblush's Instagram. See another pic here.

Draped in black and sharp, structured lines, Le Teint Encre du Peau pays tribute to the vision of the house of Yves Saint Laurent’s legendary Le Smoking.A symbol of strength and rebellion, Le Teint Encre du Peau embodies this fearless spirit. Contemporary style with a couture sensibility, modern and timeless in equal measure, a reminder that fashions fade yet style is eternal. A new icon for the Yves Saint Laurent woman.

Pics below from Specktra.