Saturday 30 May 2015

Jill Stuart 10th Anniversary video

Here's a video clip of Designer Jill Stuart speaking at the recent 10th Anniversary press event in Tokyo. The brand will launch their first ever app in September, that will include a romance tale by novelist Yamazaki Naoko. See more pics from the press event here.

Maquillage Fall 2015

Maquillage will launch its Fall/Winter 2015 makeup collection on 21 August in Japan.

It includes:

1. Dramatic Mood Eyes in 5 variations, of which one (VI715) is LE (3000yen, 3g). The eyeshadow contains an 'oil in marshmallow powder' for easy gliding onto the skin, high shine pearl pigments and a diamond black pearl in the liner shades.

Shade "1" is the light base foundation shade to be applied all over the lid for correcting dullness, and along the lower lashline. Shade "2" is the colorful accent shade and "3" is the natural shadow shade. Shade "4" is the liner shade.

The sponge applicator is angled at 14° for aiding the application of eyeshadow at the outer corners of the eyes. Pic from Be Story.

2. Dramatic Rouge in 4 new shades of which 2 are LE (3000yen)

3. Essence Glamorous Rouge NEO in 2 LE shades (2300yen)

4. Lasting Foggy Brow in 2 shades (900yen for cartridge)

5. Eyebrow Holder (900yen)

6. Eyebrow Brush (300yen)

7. Lasting Foggy Brow limited edition set in 2 shades (1200yen)

Ettusais Fall 2015

Ettusais will launch this Premium Amino Essence Foundation (3 shades, 30ml, 2300yen) and Premium CC Loose Powder (2300yen, 11g) on 10 September in Japan. The Premium line is targeted at ladies in their 30s. The liquid foundation is supposed to be a hydrating formula with good coverage while the loose powder is a baby pink skin-correcting shade.

Jill Stuart 10th Anniversary Collection

Jill Stuart just held its 10th Anniversary Archive Collection event for the Asian media in Tokyo. Aside from an exhibit of their products released over the past decade including all the famous Christmas coffrets, it also showcased the upcoming 10th Anniversary Collection (8500yen) to be released on 31 August. The set contains 2 eyeshadows (one loose and one highlighter cream shade), one blush and one lipgloss shade. The ad campaign features Lindsey Wixson, who just recently fronted Paul & Joe's new foundation campaign. Pics below by Keiko Watanabe.

Pics below from Tokila.

Pic below by Abe Sawako.

Pics below from Etrouge.

Past limited edition Mix Blush Compacts.

Pic below from Be Story.

CosmoGirl Hong Kong has posted video clips, including swatches of the set, on their Instagram.

Thursday 28 May 2015

Steam Cream Sunscreen

To celebrate its 8th anniversary, Steam Cream has just launched this limited edition Steam Cream Sunscreen SPF20 PA++ (2100yen, 75g) on 20 May in Japan. This is only the second product ever released by the brand, which has notched up sales of over 4 million units of its Steam Cream in Japan with over 500 tin designs to date. The sunscreen retains Steam Cream's signature light texture with a base composed of cocoa butter, oatmeal, orange flower water etc.

Lunasol Fall 2015

Lunasol goes for a delectable chocolate theme in its Fall 2015 collection set for release on 21 August in Japan. Pic below by Be Story.

The chocolate-scented collection includes:

1. Selection de Chocolat Eyes (5000yen, 3 variations)

2. Duo de Chocolat Eyes (3500yen, 3 variations)

3. Melty Chocolat Lips (3 shades, 2800yen, LE)

4. Full Glamour Lips (3000yen, 6 shades including 2 LE shades)

5. Nail Finish N (1500yen, 5 shades)

6. Blush (2 shades)

The collection details were supposed to be on embargo until 23 June, but several Japanese beauty writers have shared pics on Twitter and Instagram, some of which have been deleted since. Quite silly of the brand to try to control this. Anyway, here are the pics from Maquia.

Pics below from Osadanna.

Pic below by Yoshida Mizuho.

Pic below by Sachiko Maekawa.

Pic below by Be Story.

Pics below by Sweet.

Pic below by Voce.

Jill Stuart magazine freebies

The July issue of With comes with a Jill Stuart pouch in a citrus print inspired by their Relaxed Grapefruit & Bergamot bodycare collection. Out on 28 May. See more pics here.

The July issue of Zexy comes with a Jill Stuart bedroom slippers and multi-pouch. This was published on 23 May.

Les Merveilleuses by Laduree Fall 2015

Les Merveilleuses by Laduree will launch its Fall 2015 makeup collection on 24 July in Japan. It includes Matte Rouge in 3 LE shades (2500yen), Lipstain in 5 shades (2500yen), Cream Cheek Base in 3 new shades (4200yen) and a Shimmering Pressed Powder (6000yen). Pics by Naonaozou.

Pics below by Sugisan.

Pic below by Trude Alice.

Makeup Pouch II (2800yen) to be released on 4 September. Pic by Naonaozou.

Givenchy, Armani , Guerlain, Chicca and Helena Rubenstein Fall 2015

Guerlain will release this KissKiss Rose Lips on 1 August in Japan. It reacts with the pH level of one's lips to create a unique shade. Pics by BeautySakura.

New Armani Eye Tints launching on 5 Aug.

Givenchy Teint Couture Balm Blurring Foundation Balm SPF14 PA++ and Teint Couture Concealer. Pic below by Tomoichi.

Pic below by BeautySakura.

The color makeup collection launches on 7 August. Inspired by Japanese lacquerware, it features red and black tones, and a lipgloss that reacts to the pH level of one's lips. Pics below by Abe Sawako.

Chicca's Moonshine collection, out on 19 August.

Mesmerique Lip Line Stick

Pic below by Voce.

Pics below by Osadanna.

Slated to launch on 1 Aug is the 10th rendition of Helena Rubestein's popular Lash Queen mascara. This is Lash Queen Clean Volume Black. Pic by Abe Sawako.

Pic below by Osadanna.

Pic below by BeautySakura.